Bird. Link 1 :<br /> Pause and mute at 28<br /> Link 2 :<br /> Let the funny wrong WTF
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Bird. Link 1 :<br /> Pause and mute at 28<br /> Link 2 :<br /> Let the

Link 1 :<br />
Pause and mute at 28<br />
Link 2 :<br />
Let the sound from link 2, play while watching link 1.<br /><br />
Video from imonalaptop

Tags: funny | wrong | WTF
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http:// wwy. youtube. enm/ watah'? ] |] JAIMEE
Pause at 28 , and mute. New tah
http:/ / wwy. youtube. enm/
play the first nne with the sound hem the seeing: | nne.
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Submitted: 03/19/2010
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User avatar #518 - Swoosh (03/20/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Two questions:
HOW did you find that out?
WHY did you find that out?
User avatar #70 - Mannfred (03/20/2010) [+] (1 reply)
You're a terrible person, I'd expect this to be on 4chan but not Funnyjunk, those men are horribly scarred for life and you think it's funny?

P.S. Holy **** I lol'd xD
User avatar #633 - MrofMist (03/20/2010) [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #640 to #636 - MrofMist (03/20/2010) [-]
You sir are mistaken, floppy vibrating people singing about birds is hilarious.
User avatar #519 - RussellCrowe (03/20/2010) [-]
drum solo part was ******* hilarious, dont know about other peoples but mine was matched up perfectly to the video! I LOLED!!! i feel kinda bad for it though...
User avatar #947 - TrenchantGunner (03/20/2010) [-]
This made me so happy I gave everyone a thumb congratz your earned it
User avatar #659 - SniperShark (03/20/2010) [-]
i loled so hard but i showed my dad this and he told me how bad shell shock was so now im sad :(.......but AWELLL A BIRD BIRD BIRD THE BIRD IS THE WORD
User avatar #608 - ThePedroBear (03/20/2010) [-]
That was not funny. I couldnt laugh if i tried.
User avatar #517 - niksniks (03/20/2010) [-]
I tried so hard to supress my laughter and failed, this is so terrible and funny at the same time, but mostly terrible!
I have shamed myself.
#34 - popskittels **User deleted account** (03/20/2010) [-]
we are all going to hell arn't we?
User avatar #32 - MrAwesomeness (03/20/2010) [-]
I literally lmao'd
see you all in hell :3
User avatar #936 - wamboozle (03/20/2010) [+] (1 reply)
you just won the ******* internet
User avatar #931 - Dfault (03/20/2010) [-]
OMFG never laughed and felt bad at the same time,,,feels like i attempted to divide by zero,,,my mind's ******* mush now lol
User avatar #871 - willytodanilly (03/20/2010) [+] (1 reply)
sorry guys, and i hate to be a buzz kill, but i found that a bit gross. I've been around people with severe shell shock and it is truly a horrible thing. i can usually laugh at stuff like that but i just found it a bit disgusting.
User avatar #874 to #871 - willytodanilly (03/20/2010) [-]
i feel very strongly about my previous statment and i usually don't put myself out like that, but i can deal with some red thumbs to say what i believe
User avatar #811 - Ahnonymous (03/20/2010) [-]
You're all horrible
But I'm glad you're all going to hell
Beause I won't be alone now...
I lol'd so hard
User avatar #525 - anOakTree (03/20/2010) [-]
i still laughed
User avatar #521 - mooniec (03/20/2010) [-]
oh my god. i lold so hard i'm going to hell i know it.
#516 - France (03/20/2010) [-]
If you start it a little bit earlier, at the very end of the video and middle of song where it goes surfin bird, and then a bunch of slurred sounds, the end will be the funniest part
User avatar #123 - Saint (03/20/2010) [-]
See you all in Hell.
User avatar #118 - Cinnabonne (03/20/2010) [+] (13 replies)
Oh God
Im going TO HELL
well, a lot of FunnyJunkers are coming with me.. So..
I'll bring the chips.
User avatar #79 - Breen (03/20/2010) [-]
So horrible.... yet so funny
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