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**hatezyouprolly rolled a random image** me too, pic related, its why
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Seven of the eight planets are not, to our knowledge, inhabited by life forms, Canada's current population is estimated at 34,278,400. Assuming there is an equal split between male and female, that would mean there are 17,139,200 women in Canada. Let us assume that 30% of that group is between the ages of 18 and 30, that would mean there were 5,141,760. Now, one in every ten people is gay, so that would mean 4,627,584 women of our selected group were straight. Now of that group we'll imagine that 50% are currently in a relationship. That means 2,313,792 single straight women are scattered over an area of 3.8 million kilometers. Thus the group in question is much smaller than originally proposed, and the chance of running into such a woman is small, especially without counting for taste, shallowness, and other factors. You could also just need to work on your pick up lines.
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