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User avatar #4 - semicomputergeek (03/24/2010) [-]
I CAN THUMBZ NOW!! (Thumbs up to anything of yours)
User avatar #5 to #4 - LadyAnon (03/25/2010) [-]
You're so sweet. ^_^
Come to think of it... You should really get an avatar. May I suggest Jeff from Earthbound?
User avatar #6 to #5 - semicomputergeek (03/26/2010) [-]
o.O Who is that?
User avatar #7 to #6 - LadyAnon (03/27/2010) [-]
A nerd on a video game. But an awesome one. He makes guns overnight, to make up for his lack of psychic ability. :P
User avatar #8 to #7 - semicomputergeek (03/28/2010) [-]
Alright, sure. Ill do that then
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