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User avatar #799 - swissdude (10/28/2011) [-]
****You would think OP would delete the post and stop taking credit after it came to his attention this was already posted****

You would be underestimating how much of a candy-ass he is.
#805 to #799 - anonymous (10/28/2011) [-]
If you were him, you wouldn't either so stfu
User avatar #806 to #805 - swissdude (10/28/2011) [-]
Complete ******** , I would never upload content I didn't own in the first place!
#812 to #806 - cepheas (10/28/2011) [-]
If you think this is repost:
1) Find the "OC" (I somehow wasn't able to)
2) Compare them
3) Go kill yourself
#815 to #814 - cepheas (10/28/2011) [-]
eh, this is my content... the one you are commenting to...
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