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#768 - anon
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(10/26/2011) [-]
i have to inform you that the vikings didnt believe in Odin or Thor.

Its in fact a german religion.
#772 to #768 - zevran
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(10/26/2011) [-]
I will inform you as a Norwegian that my anchestors did belive in both Odin and Tor (Stop adding the bloody "h"." The Germans did as well up until a point. The Nordic people's are Germanic you see.
#774 to #772 - anon
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(10/26/2011) [-]
no, its nearly nothing known about the viking religion

btw. it spelled Thor or Donar.
#776 to #774 - zevran
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(10/26/2011) [-]
Thor is the English way to spell it. Tor is the Nordic way.

It has in fact been proven quit beyond doubt that the Vikings of Norway, Sweden, Denmark did belive in Odin and all the others.
#781 to #776 - anon
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(10/26/2011) [-]
the germans spell it Thor aswell...or Donar. In highgerman that means Donner...Thunder
#785 to #781 - zevran
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(10/26/2011) [-]
I very much doubt the Germans spelled it Thor, as the latin alphabet was adopted in Germany after Christianity took over. However they spell it nowdays is another matter.
#771 to #768 - SGfannr
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(10/26/2011) [-]
What the **** are you on about...... Vikings did infact believe in Odin and Thor and Frigg and all the other Norse gods so please shut your mouth unless you know what the **** you are talking about