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#481 - anonymous (08/15/2009) [-]
Dear Funnyjunk, Ben Fat was a normal Irish man, he led a normal life with his over-active bladder (when he used the bathroom he made a lot
of waste). One day he logged onto Funnyjunk... and made a comment about a picture referring to his poop and since than many immature 10 year
olds have been pasting "FAT BEN MADE POOP" all over Funnyjunk... He could't leave his house without hearing his name mentioned. The police
have confirmed that yesterday, Fat Ben committed suicide leaving a note. His last request was that people stopped pasting rude comments
about him. So on behalf of Ben Fat, to all you immature 10 year old fags out there, SHUT THE HELL UP.
#503 to #481 - anonymous (08/22/2009) [-]
get this. FAT BEN MADE SUICIDE capthca:death
#499 to #481 - anonymous (08/17/2009) [-]
whu? i dont get it
#487 to #481 - anonymous (08/16/2009) [-]
is his true?
#486 to #481 - anonymous (08/16/2009) [-]
That was hilarious
#485 to #481 - anonymous (08/16/2009) [-]
karmas gonna catch up with them=P
#484 to #481 - anonymous (08/16/2009) [-]
dude.. did that really happen? wow if one of the fat ben kids saw this comment which i bet they ar they will feel bad for the rest of there lives.. :) You are n inpiration if you are not BSin
User avatar #483 to #481 - HEMI (08/16/2009) [-]
Thank you sir
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