ThinkGeek 2(links in the description). BaconPop - Bacon Flavored Popcorn: Bacon Hot Sauce: ThinkGeek 2(links in the description) BaconPop - Bacon Flavored Popcorn: www thinkgeek com/caffeine/bacon/cf26/ Hot Sauce: com/caffeine/bac
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ThinkGeek 2(links in the description)

By: Flyingbacon
Badass BACON things from Thinkgeek
Bacon Flavored Popcorn
Bacon Hot Sauce
Bacon Salt
Sizzling Bacon Candles
Views: 1210 Submitted: 10/22/2011
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#1 - walrusnipples
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**walrusnipples rolled a random image** you are going places
#2 - anon
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