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#504 - anonymous (10/20/2011) [-]
******** sarcasm. I'm getting sick of the amount of atheists these days. It's become a common stereotype that religious people are dumb. It's not true. The atheists are becoming the less fortunate(nerds, geeks, poor, beggars) while the fortunate are becoming Christians. We need a movement now. This has to stop. Liberalism in America needs to be abolished.
User avatar #567 to #504 - Ruspanic (10/20/2011) [-]
"Liberalism in America needs to be abolished"
Yup, along with freedom of opinion, non-Christian beliefs, democracy, and the Constitution.
User avatar #524 to #504 - ninjabladeofshadow (10/20/2011) [-]
u mad? why you so mad?
#522 to #504 - shureofsamsung (10/20/2011) [-]
Your either a fаg or a troll. Either way I'm an atheist and I'm no nerd or beggar.
#514 to #504 - oufancyna (10/20/2011) [-]
go **** yourself. im atheist, liberal and couldn't give a damn what some white trash republican anon has to say about the way I live my life.
#527 to #514 - oufancyna (10/20/2011) [-]
gently **** your self?
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