Facebook updates trough history. LoL...xD. News Feed Top liter. -its " Most Recent 3 s on year mind? I Abe Lin aela Going ta the theater tonight with the missus facebook history updates trough
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Facebook updates trough history


News Feed Top liter. -its " Most Recent 3
s on year mind? I
Abe Lin aela Going ta the theater tonight with the missus., get private we seats,
were ago - Comment r Like
nth John Wilkes Breath loserthis,
Ben Franklin Signed up the declaration at independence teem. Beaten.
234 were age - Cemment - Like
sh France likes this.
4 England ‘Fen up tun.
25 minutes ago . Like
John Adana Bang it
25 minutes ago . Like
y, Ben Hamlin You mamas dan' t we a mates.
15 minutes ago . Like
Themes Mme Ewe? Here like .
8 minutes ago . Like
Well Min Hag negate: sign [TEE Butthat
5 minutes age . Like
2! Ben Franklin So we -
N it minutes age . Like
Ti Ancient Asteroid is hittin' up earth [admin if ya knew what I mean.
were age - Comment - Like
5 minutes age . Like
e tati
30 minutes age . Like
can “mantra
12 minutes age . Like
Gale maria Space Shame 'ti' ii' ' iaaf passing we the atmosphere an ear way
hank ta The party is genes be armed
T were we Cemment 'Like
Medan Central ..asit, guys?
25 minutes ago . Like
Galilee So turns out the earth... gees around the sea. We knew?
will years we . Comment r Like
sh likes this,
1 new age . Like
lailii, The Church hahaha and you mule’ he
Galilee Nathing. We an web feel.
ET minutes age . Like
i,' / l' The : h haha rapilight swung and it an he II we ink
l at minutes age . Like
Galilee No Fm ltd, Hate‘. Want is see my proof'?
minutes age . Like
c..". "'1 The Till SHUT YOUR MOUTH. we SHUT IT new new
29 minutes age . Like
Charles men Crazy news... leaks like all living creatures fighted from were
q basis forms any -
I 151 were we . Cemment , Like
f , The churn ' taro?
all minutes age . Like
Chutes Darwin l' - Andi'
I whales.
3? minutes age . Like
ii u . The Chalet see an tree JUST SHUT up
ll 25 minutes age . Like
if Julius CHEN‘ My pays pulled tegether a lil' get Gregethor at the ease tonight-
it Genes be miter party.
3553 years ago ' Comment - Like
Elma Oh {fit be killer alright.
it heats age . Like
y Mata Cease: Hahah dant be meager, dude.
ml. it hears age . Like
Gad Hells? Anyone?
years ago la la The Holy Bible] - Cemment - Like
Adays ago . Like
God created Light
at and created the and the Earth
and created Adam
a) and created are
nth and and The snake the this-
it J
f teem "Like
i" '.' F The : h I he the that kind better.
t l 20 hauls age . Like
tit Adam and Eve created Original sin
sh The CHEN lites he
5 hours age . Like
Jesus Didn' t wetter Dad, I get this,
3 hears age . Like
Tea nit: a pussy I iceberg an my way ta NY
Ere ye ms age . Comment . Like
letharg ' dyou near?
at f 2 hears age . Like
Yeah Sacha, we we mew! HAHAHA
1 hear age . Like
INI letharg say, .
minutes age- Like
manta: Ir?
ill ACI minutes age . Like
wanna sucker nets?
30 miutes age . Like
Thedric String Quartet T, yeti want ) step pinyin"?
25 minutes age . Like
T% mtmc Mope. comin' we the
E minutes age . Like
Ideas Gad damned apple fell eat of a tree and hit me an the head.
Bee were an . Cemment r Like
25 minutes age . Like
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why did i click older posts?
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