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You thought 4chan is sick, think again_4

Breaking bones Q '
by A Sat Nov 20, EDIE 9: 49 am
Wed Aug CM, 2010 5: 55 am
C) a box. I know not many will. answer this because most here are not ones to torture there little friends and would rough them up a bit then maybe end
Anyhow be more cruel. now on with the question.
I think the slow application of pressure until the bones strength is converted into pain.
If it was a clean break you might be able to do fun things like let the bone mend in uncomfortable arrangements or whatever.
A slow break like the one above might on the other hand splinter the bone into shards. wouldn' t know as I am not a doctor but I guess I' my own ways of
finding out,
Splinters might complicate matters medically (the only reason Iwould be opposed to this),
I suppose with some bones this might be a blessing.
It' s nice being able to say this shit to people.
Those of you I' offended I' m glad I could oblige.
So what varying methods would you prefer? Where on her and why?
Re: Breaking bones all
E by Therr' y 22, EDIE! 3: 11. pm
Elk, twill be the first one that is evil enough to reply.
I' often thought to myself and my box of tissues that one day I am going to grab one of those hot little girls that hang out at the park across the street
and drag them into my basement, to my machine shop. I' m actually not a big fan of screaming, in fact, i think that the torture is even worse for them if
they cant scream, no matter what. So after sufficiently silencing my toy I want to put one of her hands in my bench vice and see just how much damage it
is capable of doing to her hand, while my cock is inside her so I get to feel her clenching her already tight pussy.
That is pretty much the extent of my fantasizing about broken bones though. Mostly I like the idea of burning them with hot oil, or a candle/ lighter, Most
simple is to duct tape their mouths, shove my cock as deep inside their tight little pussy. and then put a clothes pin on their nose so they can' t breath.
Some day I WILL make that happen. Soon, I hope.
Re: Breaking bones FE
by :etue Nov 23, 2010 12: 51. pm
Iwould like to use a sledgehammer to break her toes, lot. It would be fun to see her keel over in pain and then have to limp about like a pathetic raccoon.
Apart from that I would gladly volunteer to stomp on her face while wearing my soccer boots, Would be very nice to hear her facial bones cracking, lot
crucial? the lil curt for hours - their pair. our pleasure
Fri Jul 23, ZULU 12: 33 pm
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meh, I've done worse on a sunday
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This is just wrong... sickening...
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