THE DARK. my second OC i do this every night. please thumb . heading off to bed budden realization bed ance considerable dist Iii] J Can i do it?. Not original at all. Please thumb
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#1 - spaghettison (10/11/2011) [-]
Not original at all.
Not original at all.
User avatar #6 - SmoggyDwarf (10/12/2011) [-]
I turn off the lights get a running start and jump into bed. I almost missed one time, scared me ******** .
User avatar #5 - onyxrose (10/12/2011) [-]
I turn my bedside lamp on, then get out of bed to turn off the overhead light, get into bed, turn off lamp.
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User avatar #3 - tinydancer (10/11/2011) [-]
really good idea thank you!
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