How to survive a horror movie part 2. /funny_pictures/2712235/How+to+survive+a+horror+movie+part+1/. lime tn survive a movie part 2 If Wire running frem the mon How to survive a horror movie part 2 /funny_pictures/2712235/How+to+survive+a+horror+movie+part+1/ lime tn If Wire running frem the mon
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How to survive a horror movie part 2

lime tn survive a movie part 2
If Wire running frem the monster', expect tn trip er f
all down at least twice, mere if yeu are female. Aim
nate that, although yeu are running and the minster is
merely shambling along, it' s still moving fast enaugh tn
catch up with yeu.
If gner companians suddenly begin tn exhibit
uncharacteristic behavior such as hissing, fascination
fer bleed, glowing eyes, increasing hairiness, and
en, get away frem them as fast as passible.
Stay away frem certain geographical locations, some
of which are listed here: Amityville, Elm Street,
Transylvania, Nilbog (End help we if yeu recognize this
one), the Bermuda Triangle, er any small tawn in Maine
er Massachusetts.
If gner car runs nut gas at night, m net tn the
nearby house tn pheny fer help.
Beware of strangers bearing taels such as chain
saws, staple gens, hedge trimmers, electric carving
knives, combines, lawnmowers, butane teaches.
soldering irons, band saws, er any
device made frem deceased companians.
Listen closely tn the soundtrack; and pay attention tn
the audience, since they are usually far mere
intelligent than yeu cerld ever hape tn be.
Never, never, NEVER try tn communicate with
samething icky because "there' s much we can
learn frem them".
hit make fun of er play with dead things.
If yeu find a tawn which leeks deserted, it' s prabably
fer a reasen. Take the hint and stay away.
If a meteor strikes nearby, mave net of tawn.
When samething bad is chasing yeu, bear in mind that
when yeu try tn start gner car, matter hnw reliable
the vehicle is normally, yeu' ll have tn crank the engine
ever many times befire it will fire up.
If we walk inte the legal church tn
seek help er shelter, and we nitice that the crucifix is
mounted upside down, tern amend and back
outside as quietly as passible.
When we happen tn be nne of the fortunate Ynes and
actually make it through the film alive, never, NEVER
sign en tn w a sequel. If we tin, expect tn depart this
werld in the first five minutes.
Mill fer part 3!
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