Just felt like sharing with you guys.. sorry for the "plain-ness," first ever post, not good with the whole editing thing it's just a conversation on
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Just felt like sharing with you guys.

sorry for the "plain-ness," first ever post, not good with the whole editing thing it's just a conversation on omegle i found funny.
feel free to thumb down if you want, I just felt like sharing it with you all.

You' re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
do you like ponies?
Your yeah
Stranger: nope
Your i also like funnyjunk ...
Your just saying ..'...
Stranger: i hate bronies, but like
Your good man
Stranger: yup
Your i shall see you on the battlefield, we ride at dawn against the forces of Achin
Stranger: no, i ride with Erhan
Your dafug ?
Stranger: indeed
Your do i smell a traitor in our midst
Your WAIT ! you like them both ?
Stranger: i am a double agent, now DIE *shoots with double barrel*
Stranger: yes
Your you are the pinnacle of evolution my friend, a person who likes both funnyjunk AND delt: haal
Your i salute you !
Your quick question, what are your views on tumblr and reddit ?
Stranger: yes, i was sent from a wan torn future. both are decent at times
Stranger: i am here to save the interwebs
Your carry on then good sir
Your you have my ERIE
Your and my internets, i shall surrender them to you
Stranger: take this and post it to and allow them to know there is still hope,
Stranger: and thanks man
Your i will !
Your goodbye crusader of funnychan !
Stranger: goodbye.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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Submitted: 10/09/2011
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