All Of You Think About This. All credit to 4chan and the guy that posted this, It made me tear up and actually touched my heart May need to enlarge Found it her You are worth much more then think i Love
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All Of You Think About This

All credit to 4chan and the guy that posted this, It made me tear up and actually touched my heart
*May need to enlarge*
Found it here, so great kudos to him.
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LEE Anonymous 12/ 19/ 10( Sun) 00: 07 . 4302798 [I
Well, I' m not sure how I' m supposed to say this, so I' ll start from the beginning. A few months ago I was walking to work MI inner city). Pretty quiet walk, but I remember
everything with outstanding clarity. So anyway, I go to cross the street to score some Starbucks, and then everything went black.
Awoke up in the hospital later. Couldn' t even tell you how long I was out. but I was as **** on painkillers and could barely feel anything. **** , I could hardly look
around. Doctors are sayin **** like I' m lucky to be alive. Y' know, all this cliched junk you hear in movies about superheroes or whatevergoes they' re about to find out
they' re half spider or something.
I hated what it did to me, and what it took from me. I barely even had a family; all I had was my older brother (28) and his girlfriend of 3 years- They came to see me every
day for a month and a week or so, but the visits slowed down after awhile. Nurses came and went, doctors told me I was lucky, and my brother told me he loved me.
l Anonymous 131 EN ) 00: 09 tlel,
Anonymous / 10( Saro) 0109
HIE, 400x400, live, jpg)
They still come. But_ l think I' m on my way out, guys. I mean, I guess I' justatest the will to live. I wasnt going anywhere in my Ids- I worked a dead end job at a ******* deli,
and hm been ( for ******* forever- I' m unattractive as hell, and have zero charisma There' s for me here. My brother and his gin will get along just fine
when I' m gone, but Ijust don' t want to hold on anymore- You can' t really understand what I mean about "feeling the We in my body slip away" until you' been where I am now,
but let me tell you, it' s pretty hard to describe, and it' s very real. I frequent ychan as often as I choke it, and that' s become even more frequent during my stint at this hospital.
I realy sympathised with a lot of you guys. You come here and you cry about being alone, you hate her for not loving you, you want to hurt him for hurting you, you don' t
think you' re worth the promotion, you don' t think you' re worth anything. Well, , you are worth something. You' re all great people in your own right, and judging from the
**** I see around here, you' re all at least a little funny. So get out there. Go talk to her. Get the promotion. Make We yours- Guys, I didn' t think my We could' been ****** so
hard and so quickly, and now I have nothing. All my plans, gone and destroyed But you' re all still out there, you can do what I wanted to do. Live the lives you want to live; that I wanted to live.
Live, my friends. And don' t stop just because you' re convinced you can' t.
Well, there' s no "super" in this story, and there sure as hell isn' t a hero. I lost my legs because driver. At like, ******* NOON. I hated everything about the world.
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Submitted: 10/07/2011
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