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Ninjas Can't Catch You (Comp. Pt1)

Ninjas M ill not t Ch will when you’; c on
they reily have
N ojos can' t catch gen if gown use
can' t catch actoii' c st fucking Part/ ct' my
Ninjas can' t catch you ifyou eat the big pellet
CANT cut» van IF vou urea ‘EM ALL FIRST.
curch you i[( firsrt:
Minim can' t catch mu “ haw I upm
Some say he isn' t on
And that even then Ninjas can' t catch him
All we know Is: He' s called I
Ninjas LN A Em:
Ninjas can' t catch you if you have not been drawn,
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7th is a little weird... Must be side-effects of resizing and changin .png to .jpg, but it doesn't really matters anyway.