Declaration of Independence Part II. Part I: /funny_pictures/2658922/Declaration+Of+Independance/. In MY ROOM) September 25, 2011 Over one' s use of a website,  independence
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Declaration of Independence Part II

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In MY ROOM) September 25, 2011
Over one' s use of a website, it becomes necessary for the users to dissolve the
connections that once bound him or her to that site' s administrator. We hold these truths to be
that all users are created equal, and that they are given certain unalienable rights
within a website, some of whith are use, fair justice, and the pursuit of funny. Ahat to meme
these rights, Administrators are instituted among users, -that whenever any form of
administration of a website becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the users to alter
or to abolish it, and to institute a new Administrator, laying its foundation on suth principles.
The history of the present Administrator of is one of repeated injuries. To prove
this, let us look at the fans.
He has allowed ponies to flood into mi.
He has created the rolling of random picture, users, comments, etc.
He has stood by while the users constantly rapost content.
He has introduced a new gyms that requires users to do math in their spare time-
The users have tried ignoring the ponies, but the Administrator welcomes them, despite
public outcry. Just because they have their own designated spam, does not mean they mum
spread throughout the site The users have been rioting over the onslaught of random image
rolling, yet it still continues. Times are tough, but Admin has done nothing to secure the front
page from reposted content. Not only is the new gyms a pest, but it is also inaccurate, leading
to lessened participation in voting for funny.
my thumbing. iron are signing this
document and declaring your
allegence ttwtt III".
I memo delete my amount 24
hours hum when this is hosted.
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