Beowulf: A True Epic Poem. Buddy of mine and I were tasked with shortening the epic poem, Beowulf, into roughly 25-30 lines. It had to have alliteration, caesur
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Beowulf: A True Epic Poem

Buddy of mine and I were tasked with shortening the epic poem, Beowulf, into roughly 25-30 lines. It had to have alliteration, caesura, and kennings. Look those up if you don't know what they are, but that's why some of the sentences seem kind of funky. This was the end result. Enjoy

There was a land; a minster feul The attacks went eh fer an age
He ate the falk; net anee did he choke The King wee in quite the rage
Danish falk
WHEN” The King was pleas' d
53 Nat in the least
and threw brave Beowulf
A feast
d Cr: outrigger: auss Beowulf
Answered the King' s call - Hail tn Prince ,
and seen then hastened ' . I Leader if ehe Gears!
The ' s fall
aliltoe., Hrothgar was braught his knees
and sent Lerd Beowulf
Te finish his deeds
Grendel' s mather felt quite alene
Her dead sen had left her en her ewn
She decided instill seme fear
By taking : " sweet heythere
Finish it.
Grendel' s head was taken as a prize
d Beowulf' s strength was incr: :
It was a fight
That lasted all night
The was quickly dispatched
haner was then reparteed
and thus Beowulf returned
With Beowulf in the lead with all that he Earned
He and his Thanes enjoyed lets of mead TD his land at Carl
Then, with riches in hand Where he ahould rule
Brawny Beowulf departed that land
Yes, I an the Ring the Keats new.
Farewell, Danish fala!
ibite me if yen need anything else!
Beowulf grew eld and great Thaugh the Dragen tanned Beowulf' s hide
s the King of the Ehats Wiglet stayed by his lerd' s side
d when the devilish Dragen was tempts-
Beowulf was net exempted
Through thick and thin, my lerd!
Came at me!
The fight was ever; Beowulf lay burnt
The Eeat peeple were at their less
The Dragen lay tee, mortally hurt
of wise Beowulf whe was their bess
He had always steed tall,
He was laved by all
New he lays dead,
The drewn lenger en his head
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Submitted: 09/25/2011
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