i cried. most likely repost but i cried. E] E Anonymous 1 Wun) : 56 the best dad m the weed used play with me after wok, really levee me and my bre helme day, i
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i cried

most likely repost but i cried

E] E Anonymous 1 Wun) : 56
the best dad m the weed
used play with me after wok, really levee me and my bre
helme day, i Erna beef: frem elementary
hhmeo was all furious and angry and stuff
he I asked what happened and where dad is
hashe deid me he brew up with her, got anither Woman and a kid
he elem understand the weed
he dad wegie never m such a thing
he went ta my return, after 5 hams i realised dad mule net eema back
he was really sad, started erring and stuff
he we month passed, net a single sign frem dad
he the next if months, sadness rehanged ta anger
he haw eenie he just leave me without even saying goodbye
he years passed, started ferget abaut him
he already had a familiy and mm childs, levee them really much
he the mere i levee my children, the mere i mule net understand haw he mule have mm that ta me
he we day, my aunt eailer me saying my dad was abaut die at waneer
he didn' t give a flying **** , he fem me
he later my wife teii me i had w visit him
he arrived at hometown hospital
he everybody was there, even my mem fer seine reasen
he everybody was crying, midst died.
he did net shed a single tear
he 3 days later, my mam gave me an additing huge basket full m letters
insaid that it was frem my dad me and she was awry that she didn' t gave them me
he my heart thrashed
he moments m silence, then went banana and hit mem in face and stuff
he later went ta dads flat ta take things and stuff
he there was he ******* ether family
be it was a , we bed
he and in the middle the living mem
he in the middle of the living mem
he there was a picture m my weer, my mem and me
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#5 - teddyisawhore (09/25/2011) [-]
'Then went banana' ... made me laugh, killed the whole thing.

Sad, sad story otherwise :(
User avatar #4 - smilingpyro (09/25/2011) [-]
my father left when i was a child, talk to him 14 years later. he has a whole new family and 2 kids and he forgot about me. feelsbadman.jpg
#2 - cosmicsans (09/25/2011) [+] (1 reply)
It's obviously a repost if YOU GOT IT FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE....

#3 to #2 - purpleflamingo (09/25/2011) [-]
i ment repost from this site cock ****
#1 - turkeypatty (09/25/2011) [-]
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