4chan v on ponies. I should've uploaded this about a week ago.... I Anonymous ) No. 1 l MEETS Filer 31620 (-( 454 KB, 1200x1079, With [ 1]. jpg} yin the time ye chan fourchan v ponies vidya games the vidya Bunker

4chan v on ponies

I should've uploaded this about a week ago...

I Anonymous ) No. 1 l MEETS
Filer 31620 (-( 454 KB, 1200x1079, With [ 1]. jpg}
yin the time years underlie ground Iva" invents cure for aging. theature themselves into metalic liches
years later
success of season 2 ponyfags have politically conquered the entire earth fer all this time Evil
bunker remained untouched
ivan expedition from pony political party arrives meurthe hidden bunker
bodies and skeletons hang meurthe doors. a simple drawings of mlp character cast crossed out on
the doors
open the bunker
gloomy mist all over it
continue onwards find deserted corridors and empty rooms
Spuddenly a hunched figure emerges from the shadows. hoovering overhue ground
Aanother figure pops from the side
Youcame not-.. overcome. here..
Milne ofthe ponyfags is grabbed on his arm
That.. feel..
awe other one gets a pair of metal claws straight into his back
screams can be heard seen to be muffled by weird whispers. such as ill] hat fortress
never returned on the surface.
Kla, 213x214, 1313838544582, jpg)
I imagine we' d be like the Necrons. The race would eventually put their bodies into machines and be divided into If races.
The : Nearly indestructible, not very intelligent. Good at jumping on **** and attacking stuff, but not at strategy.
The HERBS: Large strong warriors. Not good at anything but not bad at anything either. have a tendency to break down, no unique weapons-
The PIER' S: Despite their lack of GAEMS, they are powerful and deadly.
The MASTERS: The smartest and strongest of all them’ races, but they have to update their software every few years, and sometimes clog up their drives
with unnecessary **** .
The races are divided up into tribes, such as the ' s, who take great pride in their hats and are expert tradesmen.
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#1 - MaelRadec (09/23/2011) [-]
and i guess the chaos ones will be the one who follow Luna
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