FaceBook Comp. This took forever to put together. Hope you enjoyed!. Tm so tempted to say "That' s what she saw" and let your roam wrld.. July 12 at 12 _ we A w facebook status comments comp compilation
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FaceBook Comp

This took forever to put together. Hope you enjoyed!

Tm so tempted to say "That' s what she saw"
and let your roam wrld..
July 12 at 12 _ we
A wild appeared: What will you my
Fght Bag Pokemon Run.
July 12 at 12. T we
uses Wyld Freudian Image. it' s
SUPER You are now scarred for life...
July 12 at 12 _ we
Admin used Ban! got the Ban
July 12 at 12. t we
But whats the? regulates with MC
Hammer?! W. Ban Hammer can not touch tyrz, Indeed...
July 12 at 12 _ we
Admin used Nerf Suck! Attack was
July 12 at 12 V Lee
uses Troys mam: Admln. les
super . Just we It was on is mom last
July 12 at 12 T we
Admin uses struggle: It' s mt by recon!
July 12 at 12 T Lre
That' s what happens when you try a
Magnum... (THAT she DEFINITELY said)..
July 12 at 12 we
Adimin has (armed from a nosebleed!
July 12 at 1. - we
w hate you all... wath burning whte hate... on a Sultan!
sun .draped " anger sauce
July 12 at 1: we
You and I and up m a palms ear together um; only q words, wlaa:
wow: you say to me? note: If you comment, you must copy and paste
the to your status, so I may comment on yours as new _ cont be
During, play along .4 words are harder than you (hulk
Comment cw: _
Bend over, rm lonely.
Apul 25 at 11: We
Had a cloud or cry today, welth made we so much better by a thousand
fold. But what really helped was the shoulder that was loaned to me that
not all wet and may Thank you, dame Hove yell,‘
Waee comment AV _ an
cu spelled my name wrong.
July 30 at 10 _ Unlike as 2 people
Zelda turns 25 the Veer Doesnt mean she doesnt ml want the
we conscript 'Ya l; .27 a 5 capn" we
ch 3 people we (ms.
on my I feel so old now...
February 25 at 9: _ we A 1 person
Eh, rm counting from the us release. Fun fact: the
sellers ls EXACTLY one year older than I am :)
February 25 at we
well, from the us release anyway.
February 25 at we
Pedobear does not approve of 25. Gel no of the
February 26 at 1: _ we
the S?
February 27 at 5: _ we
Pedobear approves of (ms,
February 27 at 5: _ we
**** ] love It when customers tell we I have beautiful kkm :3
we V ll 7 F
Amanda vorderman Ines the
Am 7 at 8: we
BUFFALO BILL: highly doubt human
skan has much flavor. Its all about the organs.
That' s... thal' s quite a koney you' got on you,
young lady. What say we go back to my place for a amok drak?
Apel 7 at 8: we
A mes: glass or manta
Am 7 at 8: we
Yeah, that sounds good. so, tell me... Does the
smell we chloroform to you?
Am 7 at 8: we
wha- 'passes taut*
Am 7 at 8: we
toil, I love you. Marry me?
Am 7 at 8: we
And have you be entitled to nah my asses)?
not‘ I ml however use you for sex and then toss
you aside when you get too old. Tail. Women. Always after your
wallet. And your veal organs.
Am 7 at 8: we
Sigh, rt sucks to someone and 'gnaw: t e all your fault
Ell we Comment a a er r er',
Been there.
August a at 1: _ we
Done that.
August a at 1: _ we
I burnt the ,
August 6 at 4: milks _ A 1 person
and then some
August a at 4: V untrue _ A 1 person
why‘ an t l he nun these people?
E we Comment e _
https// cran/ / 2009/ 12/ 4/ 1290445157931086564
ppm we
you touch ‘elf at night
l was brushing my teeth when r saw the. tooth
paste came out army nose
August 23 at 2: we
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