Mistakes Comp Part 3. Part 4 - /funny_pictures/2641097/Mistakes+Comp+part+4/ Thanks for support OC Thumbs for part 4!. Finally got enough money For a cornbrator mistakes comp Part arrested developmet
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Mistakes Comp Part 3

Finally got enough money For a
so glad i got a mac, look
how proffesional it looks!
seconds after turning it
We made a
huge mistake.
Trying out khan and joining in on a
Accidently insult a redkneck
as you an
Ya damn city troy a
2 Am woken up try a
bring bring‘
bring bring‘
We made a
huge mistake.
Perfectly organized pokemon [ with the
original Iso. Lend it to girlfriend giving clear
instructions not to start a new
By the way some of the monsters looked a bit
Get it back with We still in tact l .
mean so I kept the cute ones
We made a
huge mistake.
Finally finishing my TNT
house on Minecraft
DE: to hinathan
Thumbs for part four
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