MORE 4CHAN. Lolwut just found this on that one website you've never heard of, it's pretty underground. Just like my basement.. Ft.: in HE Slummer swimming lesso png why would You do this nigger chan
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Lolwut just found this on that one website you've never heard of, it's pretty underground. Just like my basement.

Ft.: in HE Slummer swimming lessons when I was 10
constructor is a hot 17 year old Senior
Knever noticed breasts before
finish treading water and get out of the pool
at was staring at tits the whole time I was treading
ave first ever remembered ha
next to me laughs and asks me what it is
it with the back of her hand
at yell
instructor turns around
me clutching a boner through my trunks
starts laughing and covers her mouth
Everyone else in the class laughs at my boner
at get nervous
my tanks
and escape to locker room, slip on ****
stand on my hard dick
my head on a rock
hospital stay
Samitches in my head
to piss through a catheter for a week
up ******* the instructor when E was It and she was M
didn' t recognize me
up at a house party
at had to take a viagra thanks ta an accident when I was 10
Hm terrible in bed thanks tn my crippled penis
s so drunk she doesn' t care
me to stick it in her ass
her over
something poking out of her butthole
Mt is the tip of a Trident ll DB ballistic missile
launch es
Mrleaps for Moscow
Prussia retaliates by launching 25 [ABMs
instructor toms out to be a mobile HEM launching trailer
at am burned from missile plume
Slitting in the ashes of the house party, many are dead
LUSA launches barrage of submarine based nuclear strikes
Prussia empties ICBM stockpile
is about to end
at **** my pants again
to fire one off before death, start fa wing
Peenis falls off in hand
Peenis is actually glock
at pull the trigger
resulting shockwave from the KB dis ables all nuclear weapons in flight
is saved
at win Nobel Prize
Winstead of my name, the prize is awarded to
Mr. *********** "
************* n, jpg
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greatest story of all time
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