If sleep is.. OC but I'm pretty sure someone already got this idea also my first meme. If SEEP IS IMPORTANT WHY IS ,. Here's my day. >7 AM >Wake up >Get fresh >Go downstairs >Get bowl and cereal >Time is ticking >Everyone is rushing >Get to bus stop > The Game
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If sleep is.

but I'm pretty sure someone already got this idea
also my first meme

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User avatar #187 - mufasairl (09/11/2011) [+] (7 replies)
Here's my day.
>7 AM
>Wake up
>Get fresh
>Go downstairs
>Get bowl and cereal
>Time is ticking
>Everyone is rushing
>Get to bus stop
>See friends illegally driving
>Not sure which seat I should take
>It happens to be Friday.
#30 - daescobarva (09/11/2011) [-]
<--- The school's response to this
#195 - igenghiskhan (09/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
#149 - irageprettyhard (09/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Typical Day:

7am waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs...

You get the idea
#13 - haavar (09/11/2011) [-]
If school started later, you would also be up longer.

It wouldn't make a difference.
#203 - kiefr (09/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
one state actually realized this and moved the starting time of schools back to 10 am. the researchers found that the students were more attentive and retained information better, not to mention there was a drastic drop in the amount of car accidents involving high school students.
#55 - rednois **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (39 replies)
#61 to #55 - ssfrenchfry (09/11/2011) [-]
**ssfrenchfry rolls 828**
#152 - braintumor (09/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
#28 - vorkuta (09/11/2011) [-]
#191 - BolognaBill (09/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
#183 - aelistenus (09/11/2011) [+] (1 reply)
women logic pic semi related
#153 - waldoisinvisible (09/11/2011) [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #154 - markicinator (09/11/2011) [+] (2 replies)

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User avatar #211 - kingofgreed (09/11/2011) [+] (5 replies)
heres my day
>wake up
>grab a brush and put on a little make up
>hide the scars to fade away the shake up
>inquire why you left your keys upon the table

#50 - creamNscream ONLINE (09/11/2011) [-]
It's a conspiracy
It's a conspiracy
#44 - anonomysmonkey (09/11/2011) [+] (8 replies)
Maybe we should go to bed early?
User avatar #52 to #47 - TheHutchie (09/11/2011) [-]
Late to bed and late to wake makes for one ******* awesome party.

#137 - MidgetInABikini (09/11/2011) [+] (2 replies)
So, let me get this straight; school Dr. Manhattanistrators care about our health and grades, but they make us get up before dawn?
My school starts at 6:40 A.M. Seriously, what the **** ? Assuming it takes me 40 minutes to wake up and drive to school, I have to wake up at 6:00 A.M. In order to fulfill the 9 hours advised for a teen's sleep pattern, I have to be asleep by 9:00 P.M. For someone with a sleeping disorder like me, it takes about 2 hours to fall asleep. That's lights out at 7:00 P.M. for me, which on most nights is impossible due to sports and homework.
Studies have shown that starting school 40 minutes later raises kid's grades by 1 full letter grade. It's not really that ******* hard to push school back. Who the **** does the school Dr. Manhattanistration think they are to deny us health and prosperity?
Seriously, kill everyone in charge of my school district.
#104 - dengekisushi (09/11/2011) [-]
Because they expect that we know when we should go to bed.
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