Sexy Little Facts. Might Upload Another Depending On Thumbs. Might Not. Quit Ya Whinging. Sexual thoughts enter the average to male’: than every 52 seconds, and sex that is all
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Sexy Little Facts

Might Upload Another Depending On Thumbs. Might Not. Quit Ya Whinging

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Sexual thoughts enter the average to male’:
than every 52 seconds, and in estimated that intercourse is
Mano place about 1778 times every 5 seconds wound the world.
What we didn' t you know about the thing you think about the most?
More people under do have sex on a
weekly basis than those who vote during
1 the presidential election every tour years.
Aio" no it a woman was
for sex try a president?
12% said they' d do it
About 200 calories are burned during a fierce sex session...
which is equivalent to running 15 minutes on a treadmill.
was of college students know
someone who has G
professor or teaching assistant.
More women talk dirty
during sex than men.
But everyone can' t be so lucky...
It' s estimated that 1. 1 million men and
800, 000 women aged In
the US. have never had sex.
June is the most
common month
when Americans
lose their virginity.
Phoenix. Chicago and Denver
Miami beats out other Irs. cities
have the shortest, at 26 minutes.
tor the longest sex sessions:
as minutes.
Cold feet may be to blame tor
your lack or orgasm ().
In one UK study, an or couples wanting
were amino intercourse were able to
reach Artgasm. compared to
the an maxim ‘ t.
away their sex lives more and
are more liken to was atonality to spice
things up than that Democrat ,
though on average republicans lose their
virginity rotor In use than Democrats.
35% at the crowd
was they use Facebook or
Twitter other sex. Men are
twice as likely to post
nitrite's ,
but Smut
Mo or the leading causes
of temporary Impotence In
men are cigarette smoking
and tight pants.
Known as erotic asphyxiation, cutting oft
oxygen to your brain to tee! a strong
new sensation during sex causes
American deaths every year.
tux: lead sinner Michael war
rumored to have than horn erotic asphyxiation.
Anton sigma ' x death was who
as accidental , tram the
sex gane who wrong.
48% of Englishmen
fall asleep during sex.
In turn, one in 12 Canadians reported having
sexual activity who they were last asleep.
Men are the main culprits, accounting
tor in or than “."
3% or women plan
household chores
during sex.
During the nth century, the vibrator was
used as a treatment tor remote "hysteria."
Doctors found the treatment
extremely .
Sex toys were banned In Texas
Until 2006. Similar balls stand In
Alabama and MISSISSIPPI.
is the act of using
of the armpit for sex.
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