Girls of FunnyJunk. am i right?<br /> EDIT: I do have boobs! /funny_pictures/258995/Miss+FJ+does+have+boobs/. Hello everyone, I think its about time someo the game
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Girls of FunnyJunk

Tags: the | game
Hello everyone, I
think its about
time someone
adressed the proud
ladies here at
I just have a few
words to say too all
drill'' Shut the fuck up...
completely serious
here. You, with the
breasts, shut the
fuck up
seriously, everytime
someone makes a
womens rights joke,
or tells you to go
make them a
sammich you all
have super PMS
and go ape shit on
I' m a girl and I find
these jokes funny.
Probably because
I' m not an
egotistical bitch.
Nojust shut your
damn mouths and
go make a
sammich like your
supposed to,
because no one
was really listening
to you anyway.
Views: 105147 Submitted: 03/11/2010