Sex you say? (Part 13). Part 14: /funny_pictures/2587228/Sex+you+say+Part14/ haha sorry for the type - o in the title xD Part 12: /funny_pictures/2580517/Sex+yo sex comp axlusmmer Italy nuns celibacy mile high club tribe penis shake
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Sex you say? (Part 13)

During the
many midi
retal ned hon rvr
STD: costing the ,
government (h,
millions of dollars in ,
medical expenses.
When men of the Calibri
tribe of central Australia
greet eachother, they
shake penises instead of
In Italy women
averagely have
their first sexual
experiences at
age 20.
To join the "Mile
High Club" you
must have sex in
an aircraft while it
is at least 1 mile
above the ground.
A study shows that
women are equaly
aroused, no
matter if they
watch girl on girl
porn or the usual
man and women
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