Cool facts comp (Part 2). Second cool facts comp I made! Part 1: /funny_pictures/2576204/Cool+facts+comp+Part+1/ Part 3: /funny_pictures/2580135/Cool+facts+comp cool facts comp Part two
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Cool facts comp (Part 2)

The Statue *_. t" e index
f finger is 8 feet long
A 75 year as person will
1 have slept about 23
There are eheut as many
t; hit; lusms an Earth as there
are humans
One type elf hummingbird
weighs less than a perma
Sharks can We up to 100
are mere ati; decied'
he the eater blue than any ether
repeat 75 acres mcpizza are
eaten in the US. everyday
for more
no I' m not trying to be a
hore, I just want to people
want more)
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