I know Funnyjunk can get me through. the text says it all, not expecting anything just needed to tell someone. Dear Funnyjunk, I just need to get this off my ch my Life sucks right now but FUNNYJUNK will get me Through it
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I know Funnyjunk can get me through

the text says it all, not expecting anything just needed to tell someone

Dear Funnyjunk,
I just need to get this off my chest; I have had a huge crush on this girl for about a year now. I never
talked to her because I' m a shy guy, you know who you are. So my friends start talking to her so I
join in and just by chance we start talking a lot. Upwards of 300 texts a day, you have no idea how
happy I was. I was approached by one offer friends saying that she has had a crush on me for
about 6 months or so, so I think SCORE I' m in! I ask her to homecoming and all is well she said yes,
but the problem is she has feeling for another guy, buff retarded of a kid. I' m decent friends
with this kid though and he could easily kick my ass ifi said anything about it. So I' m going along
thinking that man, life is great, knowing that something is going to bite my ass soon but I never
wanted to admit it... Well it has gotten to the point where I text her "hey" "hi whats up nothing".
I mean I' m getting nothing to work with, so I talk to her friend and apparently she likes me more as
a friend now and really likes this other kid. You have no idea how much that hurt... my heart fell out
of my chest at that point and I found this out this morning. But last night, oh last night I got to watch
her flirt with him, all these looks I wanted to kill myself. But this "friend" is trying to put false hope
in my heart by saying "home coming is 2 weeks away, stay with her and don' t give up hope" mean
time I' m thinking to myself are you ******* kidding me, once in the friend zone always in the friend
zone. So now I have latched on her words "her feelings for boys change so there is still hope" but I
know that all hope is lost. So now I write to you because there' s no one else to write to.
So now after thinking about what' s going on I have decided to do something. Nothing involving her
but yes I' m still going to take her to homecoming that is if she doesn' t dump me and go with the
other guy then I think... I don' t know what I would do then... but none the less I' m going to lift... gain
muscle say it however you want I' m going to get strong. That' s what I' m going to do to keep my
mind off of her every day when a thought of her pops into my head I' m going to go lift every time... I
don' t know what to say now but I' m going to post this to get it off my chest
A fellow Funnyjunkie
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#3 - zebragirl (09/06/2011) [-]
I was that girl in the situation, but I decided to trust my instincts, and stay with the first guy. It was a good thing too because, now we're pretty awesomely in love. Good luck, friend. :)
User avatar #2 - eiika (09/05/2011) [-]
Know the feeling bro :/
I hope it all works out for you, because for me it didn't..
Best of luck
you'r fellow funnyjunker.
#13 - aodmessia (09/07/2011) [-]
1) Nut up or shut up ~Tallahassee, Zombieland
2) Tell her, or burn for it later, no time like the present

Now that I'm done being nice -.- This isn't a dating advice website, there are forums for that stuff... This is Funny thumb Junk RED thumb, yea, I'm a n00b n don't know how to do it, so, meh. But either way -.- There's been to many of these, encouraging more, so, hate me, I relish in it ^_^ Give it the thumb it deserves, give advice, move on, I want funny stuff, not just Junk

All in all, sorry for how the world works, you'll find plenty others

~*Pour on the RED thumbS, yea lol, still don't know how to do it ^_^*~
#12 - yaboybtrue ONLINE (09/07/2011) [-]
I hope this works out, man. All I know you as is a funnyjunker, but still, good luck, bro.
User avatar #10 - orutootaku (09/06/2011) [-]
dude if she goes with him... that just means she was not right for you
User avatar #9 - DeathMetalDrummer (09/06/2011) [+] (3 replies)
dont lift like more than u can it wont work right just start light then get heavier every two weeks thats wat i did
User avatar #7 - fumanchux (09/06/2011) [-]
i say move on guy i don't know how old you are but it only gets better with time so hold on if you must but don't let it hurt too much. somebody will come along before you know it if you keep going.
this is not funny btw.
#6 - fourleaf (09/06/2011) [-]
hey mang i say leave her, yeah it hurts like **** at first but seriously if she truly does like you she wont be able to stand without you, but if she doesn't care, well then there's your answer don't make the same mistake many people do, cause they stay with a girl that's all wishywashy and they don't notice the true girl that actually likes you until its to late, just keep looking man.
#5 - maulkiller (09/06/2011) [-]
Same thing happened too me, the only difference is that I took her to prom. Then a few days later I was going to ask her out. Turns out she went on vacation with her family. Everybody could tell that I liked this girl, so then what happened was one of my friends asked her out. I was heart broken, I still like her to this day. Now that she and my friend have broken up, me and her hang out every once in awhile. She does know the ways of the internet and is a nerdy girl. Everytime I see her it makes me smile. So if you truly care about this girl, just being around should make you happy. Never give up my friend.
User avatar #4 - trolljunkusa (09/06/2011) [+] (2 replies)
wow **** you, go vent to one of your friends

inb4 I'm an opinion woohoo thumbs down
#8 to #4 - labach **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#15 - fultzy (09/07/2011) [+] (1 reply)
i've been in the same shoes bro. my current gf broke up with me BECAUSE i got a job and didnt have a lot to time left over for her. after she broke up with me i hear from her brother that theres been this kid around the house offten and he's been staying late. i almost die, i start smoking, it was pathetic. but i kept at it and to this very day she's still mine :]

And this b Mahh babys :]
User avatar #1 - LOLWUTS (09/05/2011) [-]
wow you must be desperate if your asking a internet site on how to pick up a girl...
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