hot girls in walmart. sourced from the people of walmart website aparently im in the top 200 :3.. yes its hot but, so much sluttiness... people of walmar hot girls
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#22 - stutz (09/04/2011) [-]
yes its ******* hot but, so much sluttiness...
User avatar #7 - maximusj (09/03/2011) [+] (6 replies)
I'm not sure you know what the word hot means.
the first one... maybe... face looks pretty Whiskey Tango nasty, but the rest of the pics c'mon bro . . .
User avatar #1 - skittlemcmuffin (09/03/2011) [+] (13 replies)
Wtf..just because they wear short shorts doesn't make them hot. What is wrong with this generation..have some class.
User avatar #25 - coustify (09/04/2011) [-]
Wheres woody?
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User avatar #26 - torresse (09/04/2011) [-]
i love summer
#21 - veganbro (09/04/2011) [-]
It's freaking hilarious to see read the comments xD
All these guys saying "they arent hot have some class", "lol noone of them was hot" and last but not least " I find she has "long butt" and bad ass to thigh ratio as well as what looks dangerously like some cottage cheese on her thighs." are probably never gonna have a chance with any of these girls. Not even the man tbh.

I found all these girls attractive from the behind, but if that isn't from walmarts near the beach or some really warm place, then they must be pretty slutty.
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