Pixar Easter Egg Comp. Part 3. Part 4: /funny_pictures/2568507/Pixar+Easter+Egg+Comp+Part+4/. Pixar Easter Egg Compilation B All: is the number of the graphics  pixar Disney hidden cool uber Easter Eggs
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Pixar Easter Egg Comp. Part 3

Pixar Easter Egg Compilation B
All: is the number of the graphics design class at
Calarts. Many of Pixar' s staff have been in classroom
Alli. This number has appeared in many different
shows and movies such as The Simmons, South Park,
Family Guy, American Dad, eh. And has appeared in
every Pixar film to date.
Toy Story '
A Bug' s Life
I' warmed through Monsters Inc.
and can' t find Alli. However many
people on different forums say ity in
the trash compactor scene, so there is
find a screenshot of it anywhere so
heres a picture of (mud: Norris to
make up for it.
Finding Nemo
Level At
Cell Block Is
Wall E
Toy Story '
Mater' s invente
plate in can
and Cars 2
Sid from Toy Story makes
an appearance in Toy
Story 3 as a garbage man.
He is also played by the
same voice actor who
played him in the original,
Erik Van Patten.
Dinoco plays a big part in Cars
and first made showed up in Toy
Story (1995)
in the
room in
The birds from
For the Birds"
appear in Cars
by imdashiznit
Also I' d like to thank withoutskill for
showing me the Finn
easter egg in Toy Story 3
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