Pixar Easter Egg Comp. Part 2. Part 1: /funny_pictures/2562135/Another+stoned+story/ Part 3: /funny_pictures/2564722/Pixar+Easter+Egg+Comp+Part+3/. Pixar Easter pixar Easter egg Disney hidden cool
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Pixar Easter Egg Comp. Part 2

Pixar Easter Egg Compilation
Part 2
Since Monsters lnc. most my movies have had
references to upcoming my movies.
Nemo in
incredible: comic
book in Finding
Doc Hudson in The
Dug' s sharia in
Wall e in "Your
Friend the Rat" from
the Ratatouille DVD
Lotso in Up
Finn in Toy
Story 3
Pizza Planet trucks appear in almost
every Pixar film, The Incredibles being
the only one not to have one
Toy Story
A Bug' s Life
Toy Story 2
Monster' s .
Also, this was
put in to save
time and as a
reference for A
Bug' s Life
Finding Nemo
Toy Story 3
Geri in Toy
Story 2
The reason that Geri appears in Toy Story 2 is because
Toy Story 2 was made in only 9 months, the idea came
up for someone to clean up Woody during the end of
production. Knowing that the aerators would have to
spend weeks creating a new model, they instead
decided to recycle the model for Geri.
Toy Story
The tree from Bug Island from A Bug' s Life appears in
the Jessie' s flashback scene in Toy Story 2
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