why?. a collection of funny questions<br /> comment,rate,funnyjunk.com/user/jackschidt. EVER WONDER ... Why the sun lighten: cur hair, but darken: cur ski i like Big butts and i can Not lie You other brothers cant deny
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a collection of funny questions<br />

Why the sun lighten: cur hair, but darken: cur skin?
Why can' t wemen put an mascara with their maith clued?
Why den ‘t Ft"' ever we the headline Wins '?
Why is '' such a king ward?
Why is it that doctar: call what they dc ‘practice T
Why is leman juice made with artificial ', and liquid made with real lemme?
Why the man watt inve: t: all yaw mane]: is called a tralier?
Why is the time " day with the :lowe: t Griffie called rush haar?
Why in ‘t there -' cat feed?
Why didn' t hhaah :wat than twp ma: quitar:':"
Why dc they :teribl: e the needle for lethal itt, ?
fan knew that black but that is an airplanes? Why den ‘t they make the whale plane cut " that cuff?!
Why den ‘t cheep shrink when it rains?
Why are they called ' ht when they are all Huck tegether?
If can is the appa: ite " Pro, is Langre:: the appa: ite " ?
If 'tarina is " cafe, why dc they call the airport the terminal
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#7 - EmperorColo **User deleted account** (03/12/2010) [-]
These are all very good questions..

I'm going to be thinking all day now.
#5 - anonymous (03/09/2010) [-]
User avatar #4 - ExplosionsHurt (03/09/2010) [-]
User avatar #2 - blahhhhhhhh (03/09/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Chip on my boy Chip on
#1 - crazycroc **User deleted account** (03/09/2010) [-]
I applaud you jack...

Good stuff as always. =D
User avatar #6 - patriotic canadian (03/09/2010) [-]
the black box stuff is to heavy
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