Why U so stupid?. Made 1 mistake regarding satan in H.C.A's stories. I thought they wrote: he never mentioned the good things gloryfied in the bible. sorry. www baptist church Stupid ignorant dumb danish dane i dont wanna liv
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Why U so stupid?

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Why U so stupid?. Made 1 mistake regarding satan in H.C.A's stories. I thought they wrote: he never mentioned the good things gloryfied in the bible. sorry. www

Made 1 mistake regarding satan in H.C.A's stories. I thought they wrote: he never mentioned the good things gloryfied in the bible. sorry.
First I was like: not sure if troll o.0
And then I was like -_- really???

S 9 10 Reasons why GOD HATES DENMARK?
La, Baptist Church!
so stupid‘? g Finnish flag
Denmark is B boring small Insignificant country mostly populated by convicted rapists. Although we have to compliment Denmark for attacking Muhammad when It counted, Denmark is mostly
filled with fans of drunken owes with other men and goats who will all go to Hell! The Danish word for that 'is" ".
L The Danes invented repel The Danish word for rapist ..i, ) .: -,i-, raping all men, women and goats in Denmark they moved on to raping in Iceland, Greenland, France and England.
All Danish rapists broke Gods law by never manging the " s they raped! Deuteronomy 22: "... she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled " -
2. Denmark is the driving force behind the global climate heal. To seduce as many people into lying about the climate as possible the Danes provide .t free whore: o the visitors of the
climate summit in Copenhagen! God punished all these liars by causing the coldest winter ever right after the climate summit. Luke . 27 "And he salt: - as which are impossible
with men are possible with God." Eda Not the same :) Prostitution is kegel, but niggah it aint tree ll
3. The Danish Prime Minister is Rasmussen who was also the Wurst cheater ever at the Tour Frances Proverbs 6: "... the LORD hate: ... a lying tongue Meq A false witness that
lies .,." He did several times in his stories.
A. Satan' s son, the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, makes Harry Potter appear like a Christian boyscout in comparison. There is not a single evil in the Holy Bible that is not glorified
by the stories of Hans Christian Andersen! Satan' s native language is actually Danisha John 8: 44 We are of your father the devil..." .
5. Denmark Invented Lego to corrupt as many children as possible into sinful behaviors Romans 6: 23 "For the wages of sin is death : lit minecraft (you are all sinners!).
E. The Danes created Piglet Longstocking {or Pippi as the Danes call her) as a way to turn innocent girls into uppity whore's Billions of innocent children have been doomed to Hell
by the books and TV shows made around this worst femnazi ever. I Tam_ athe 2: "... nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." Tl' Iet was the Swedish...
it Not Surprisingly, Danish TV has shows like Rape with Brutality {children' s program he Market for liver [buying organs for transplant}, Corns Hither (priests raping choirboys) and
Update on Masochism for Children. he ,' ), . .. LOL. Just LOL "Most of our television programs are the same shit as anywhere else..
B. Danish gay couples are allowed to adopt an rape inocent childrens Romans 1: "... burned In their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly ..."
9. Danish car taxes are the highest on the plan, ich Is one of the many reasons why their economy Is the worst in all of Europe. We have the taxes to spare the environment.
10. HEW: According to the Danish newspaper "B/ r.", Hans Christian Andersen wrote fairy tales about raping little boyss The longer one looks at Denmark, the more depraved It turns out to
he sst Corinthians 5: "... He that committees fornication smnnyth against his own hairy ..."‘-.l' i' ait ? ct]
All people of Denmark need to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their savior! Until then, they will suffer and will burn in Hill along with other countries like Australia, England,
Scotland, New Sealand, Germany, France,, Italy, Hungary, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, , Sweden, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia,
Serbia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Iceland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala, Algeria, Egypt, Saudis Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, etc.
Basically most of the world..
IS ear old SLUT refuses we ole ize for ettin re ed! Dent. 22
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