Psychology Tips and Tricks Pt.2. Sorry for the bad wording on #3, here it is right here. # 3 - When trying to approach a group of girls, use the buddy system! F
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Psychology Tips and Tricks Pt.2

Sorry for the bad wording on #3, here it is right here.
# 3 - When trying to approach a group of girls, use the buddy system! Find the one girl you want to chat up, and have your buddy run diversion on the other girls. Trying to approach a group of girls by yourself will only get you humilated.

Hey this is the second part to just some random psych stuff. If you want more, you gotta give me something to work with! Hope you like it. Oh and like before, comments determine content, dont give a **** about thumbs.

Psychology Tips and Tricks Pt/ 2
1. Theres a well established theory that a person your interested
in will be more disposed to like you if they know you like them. It
makes them feel safe with liking you.
2. Kinda goes with the first one, but if your told good things about
someone, youll be more likely to like them. Say your going on a
blind date, if someone tells you how awesome and sweet they
are, no matter what, your more likely to go into it more disposed
to like them. (Goes the other way around, so asking a friend to
put a good word in for you, IS NOTA BAD IDEA)
3. While not optimal, if we must approach a group of prospective
ladies/ men, take a buddy with we. Both chat them up, and find
the one them away while the buddy runs distraction. Just walking
up to a group will get we insulted most of the time.
4. There is something called Pheromones, its basically like a scent
each of es gives off, and they are all different. And people are
automatically attracted to people that have a pheromone they
like, so if we find yourself liking someone for no reason, dont
fight it!
Alright guys, I don' t think I' m going to make another full of random facts. But I do want to
make more stuff, but I need your help! Send me in either PM er comments, some problems
your having, er questions, er anything! And I' ll make a comp (unless you ask me net to add
you) of the answers!

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User avatar #4 - zombicidalwolf (09/01/2011) [-]
moar this stuff is helping me out so much
#1 - leftyisgod (08/28/2011) [+] (2 replies)
#3 second sentence confused the **** out of me.

But I know for a fact that all these actually work so here is a thumb for you.
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