Droid vs iPhone. Wow, i didn't not expect this to get many thumbs at all, but you guys pulled through for me, you guys are the best!. OK J lats' I NC: -T THAT G
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Droid vs iPhone

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Wow, i didn't not expect this to get many thumbs at all, but you guys pulled through for me, you guys are the best!

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lats' I NC: -T THAT GREAT!
frr. TASK!”
WATS um I pan? '
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Submitted: 08/27/2011
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User avatar #50 - ispoonwithmonkeys (08/28/2011) [-]
Im multi-tasking on my iPhone right now, had this phone for about a year and NEVER had a dropped call, my camera DOES have a flash, and the GPS is GOOGLE maps, nice try buddy.

so pretty much the only thing wrong with the iPhone is that its using something made by google.

boom, roasted?
#53 to #50 - jewish has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #55 to #53 - Alicegotchained (08/28/2011) [-]
Have you ever used an Evo? They are better then the IPhone, in my opinion at least.
#60 to #55 - jewish (08/28/2011) [-]
I used to have an evo for half a year. Honestly, i preferiphone in my opinion
User avatar #61 to #60 - Alicegotchained (08/28/2011) [-]
Well at least you used it. I love my phone, it is in pretty much new condition still. My mom has the Iphone, I am not a fan of it personally.
User avatar #51 to #50 - ispoonwithmonkeys (08/28/2011) [-]
ive been an AT&T user since it was cellular one, and no one in my family has had a dropped call.

butthurt verizion fags who believe that their network is ACTUALLY 4G make that up.
User avatar #48 - Shiny (08/28/2011) [-]
When I had an iPod touch, most of my favorite applications were Cydia products. The official App Store is absolutely terrible.
#47 - joethepirate (08/28/2011) [-]
Haven't all of these issues except dropped calls been fixed?
User avatar #35 - dlerp (08/28/2011) [-]
First actual LOL I've had on here for a while ^_^ thumb for you my good sir
User avatar #34 - yewzername (08/28/2011) [-]
its funny because this post infringes copyright laws
#29 - ghostcz (08/28/2011) [-]
You need help , bro ?
#40 to #29 - trolololegend (08/28/2011) [-]
What seems to be the problem?
#42 to #40 - ghostcz (08/28/2011) [-]
*cough* Hello
#44 to #42 - trolololegend (08/28/2011) [-]
Let's do this.
#57 to #49 - trolololegend (08/28/2011) [-]
OK! You win.
#27 - mastaeddo (08/28/2011) [-]
iphone 4 do have flash, it was 0.3 % of all the iphones (only USA) that dropped calls, the gps is google maps so jokes on u...
User avatar #45 to #27 - cheezeburgular (08/28/2011) [-]
GPS is Global Positioning System and depends on the GPSr Global Positioning System receiver which is hardware and uses iOS to run it, Google maps is just a map used to display where you are using coordinates that are obtained from your GPSr, Google maps has nothing to do with the GPSr. I have a Blackberry Torch and Google maps work just fine... People like you use iPhone because they are technologically impaired.
#33 to #27 - anonymous (08/28/2011) [-]
Droid has widgets... "OH IPHONE DEVELOPERS LETS ADD FOLDERS" genius steve jobs does it again
#32 to #27 - slashnjh ONLINE (08/28/2011) [-]
#23 - trainerash **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #59 to #23 - nindogfellow (08/28/2011) [-]
I use my Droid X for literally everything. I've never owned an Apple product in my life but have had to use the computers sometimes at school. They were garbage. I do like the keyboard for their desktops though.
User avatar #56 to #23 - ShadowEagle (08/28/2011) [-]
False... I use a Zune, so much better than Ipods. I never have, nor will I ever own something made by Apple.
#46 to #23 - anonymous (08/28/2011) [-]
#41 to #23 - Yaroslav (08/28/2011) [-]
I will gladly admit iPhone's are great. Personally I went with an android because it's cheaper, more customizable, apps are free that cost money on apple app store. But one thing I will say is iPod's SUCK! I had a zune for three years and loved it, then it broke and I had to get an Ipod classic because they dont sell zunes in canada anymore. I dont understand how people can say iPod's are better, the display is boring, screen is small, Itunes is terrible compared to zune software. It's literally inferior in everyway. Pisses me off that noone bought a zune just because it wasnt called "iPod". /rant
#31 to #23 - thesepiggies has deleted their comment [-]
#36 to #31 - mcpown (08/28/2011) [-]
But there's a new Android phone every time you blink. If a new iPod Classic makes you feel like a caveman how does that make you feel?
User avatar #38 to #36 - thesepiggies (08/28/2011) [-]
But that's for different carriers, and they have pretty much the same features (excluding some, obviously)
I remember i got my ipod classic, then shortly after BOOM. Ipod touch. i cried.
#30 to #23 - anonymous (08/28/2011) [-]
User avatar #21 - connorjay ONLINE (08/28/2011) [-]
For all those butthurt iPhone fags, shut the **** up, if you like your phone, you like your phone, stop trying to convice everyone else to like your phone too.
Now, I think the iPhone is a decent phone, not the best, but I don't know what the best is personally.
A few months ago (June I think actually) I was thinking about buying a new phone, as the Tocco lite I had for a couple of years just stopped working. I had three contenders: HTD HD 7 (£25 a month, decent plan), Samsung Galaxy S 2 (£28 a month, good plan, £50 up front, and was literally only out a month previous, if that) or the iPhone 4 (£35 a month, **** plan, but it's an iPhone!).

My decision was narrowed when the HTD HD 7 increased in price, and asked for an up front £40, and some negative reviews.

So iPhone or Samsung GS2; and then I realised, I'm not going to be a ****** who gets an iPhone and will then argue on the internet how good my phone is, looking all butthurt and such, so I thought " **** it", without ever using Android, going for the GS2 and I can safely say that I'm chuffed with it, and will probably never get an iPhone, unless they can do something ******* astonishing in the next two - three years.
#28 to #21 - screwthepenguins (08/28/2011) [-]
'For all those butthurt iPhone fags, shut the **** up, if you like your phone, you like your phone, stop trying to convice everyone else to like your phone too.'
>You realize that you just did that for the S2?
User avatar #43 to #28 - connorjay ONLINE (08/28/2011) [-]
But I didn't; and btw you can't green text on funnyjunk.
I never said anything about the specs of my phone, or anything of the sort, I just said why I didn't get an iPhone, and the choices, now **** off troll.
#54 to #43 - screwthepenguins (08/28/2011) [-]
I believe you're the troll.
#17 - Dizzay (08/28/2011) [-]
My phone is a playstation

Your argument is invalid.
#52 to #17 - alexzerian (08/28/2011) [-]
For 100 dollars This phone made me jizz
User avatar #19 to #17 - connorjay ONLINE (08/28/2011) [-]
I went to a phone company, and said that I wanted a Samsung GS2, and they came out with this and said:
"This is more in your price range (this phone) , £25, 500 minutes and unlimited texts, with 500mb of internet"
Me: "I didn't give you my price range, so thanks, I'll just leave."
He actually followed me out of the shop (Phones 4 U) and into the O2 shop opposite.
I mean, **** man, the Samsung GS2 was like £3 a month more, and I quite like it.
#39 to #19 - anonymous (08/28/2011) [-]
******* GS2 fanboy, stop hating on people who like iPhones you ******* hypocrite.
#16 - megustadood **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#22 to #16 - mrvolzer (08/28/2011) [-]
Like these?
#24 to #22 - megustadood **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#25 to #24 - mrvolzer (08/28/2011) [-]
i just noticed
#26 to #25 - megustadood **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #14 - shapow (08/28/2011) [-]
HTC Legend

Best looking Android EVER MADE, also one of the most powerful for it's price :D
User avatar #13 - funnyisntjunk (08/28/2011) [-]
It now has all these things
#7 - JACmoney (08/28/2011) [-]
Oh and also. If no one likes iPhone's then why is the iPhone 5 the highest smartphone in demand currently?

Your logic blown.
#11 to #7 - butteredass **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #9 to #7 - MyNameIsARickRoll (08/28/2011) [-]
The guy below practically answered it, but also-
Demand and popularity does not and has never indicated quality. By your same logic, Justin Beiber is a better musician than John Coltrane or Mozart.
User avatar #8 to #7 - limeztheawesome (08/28/2011) [-]
Because people are too closed-minded to try other things. Ever since the iPod came out, Apple has been dependable. With the invention of the iPhone, they've gone massively downhill, but Apple users still think it's better than evreything else.

You were saying?
#6 - JACmoney (08/28/2011) [-]
4 things wrong with your logic.

1. iPhone's are awesome
2. They CAN Multi-Task
3. The 3G networks on at&t not so great, but verizon doesnt drop calls so often
4. Are you serious? its called an iPhone 4 bro...

However your right about one thing. GPS does suck...
User avatar #20 to #6 - connorjay ONLINE (08/28/2011) [-]
You are being trolled, ********* .
#4 - anonymous (08/28/2011) [-]
what now
#2 - MuahahaOfLore (08/27/2011) [-]
This image has expired
#1 - anonymous (08/27/2011) [-]
Seems a bit late considering iPhone 4 has a flash :I
User avatar #18 to #1 - convenientsalmon (08/28/2011) [-]
Years of development, millions of dollars, and they've given it a feature that cameras have had for over 100 years.
#62 to #18 - anonymous (08/28/2011) [-]
Years of development? it was maybe a one or 2 year gap between iPhone 3 and 4, this includes OS updates amongst the little things like flash - without the iPhone 3's lack of flash, Apple wouldnt have been able to have feedback from customers saying "it needs a flash"

*same poster as above anon comment user liamfiveeoneone*
User avatar #63 to #62 - convenientsalmon (08/29/2011) [-]
Fair enough point, I was just trying to be funny. Didn't realise It was such a small gap between the two phones, thanks for the info mate.
#10 to #1 - logindp has deleted their comment [-]
#3 to #1 - whalesftw (08/27/2011) [-]
and multi task, and its on verizon with great 3g
#5 to #3 - ctom (08/28/2011) [-]
i have AT&T and have yet to drop a call
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