I hate it when. comp.3. part 3 thnx for watching . /funny_pictures/2534953/I+hate+it+when+comp+part2/ (part2) . /funny_pictures/2532290/I+hate+it+when+comp/ (pa i Hate it when comp Part three enjoy
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I hate it when. comp.3

14. I hate it when the ketchup doesn' t get
them out of the bottle.
15. I hate it when celebritie' s kids make
music videos and movies just because they' re
parents are famous.
and you will say that they' re yea, but what if they
were Ham a pear ' )
16. I hate it when I run out of tailed paper.
I hate it when my teacher goes all
like for M reasen.
18. I hate it when car smell like tobacco...: h
19. I hate it when spiders don' t die with the
first hit.
20. I hate it when I' m about to say
something, sameone interupts and then
I forget what I wanted to say!
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