I'll Show Her Pt.2 [OC]. Part One : /funny_pictures/2529974/I+ll+Show+Her+Pt+1+OC/. walking around during school lunch Time to have the last Why are you still t Illshowher DjSmileyWink
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I'll Show Her Pt.2 [OC]

walking around during
school lunch*
Time to have the last
Why are you still
talking to me you
loner? l T don' t
aare about your
stupid websties
teacher walking*
it it
teacher Hree: T expect
you, out of all
people dumb enough,
to know the
difference between
ffunnyjunk and an
tise/ : treatin: rht: factory
L ,, D' like, Tumblr. T hope
J “HI you do not breed,
H h 3 so you won' t
spread your retard
I parasite any more.
both walk
that Iii
herpette at
her looker
with friends*
Herpette, T just want
to let you know that
T got over thumbs
on a comic T made and
posted to Funnyjunk.
Tumblr' s better than
overhears Herpette*
Come, Derp. I' ll
treat you to a
Baconator at
That' s it for Part 2!
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