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#693 - anon
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(08/27/2011) [-]
first off... If you can see the smoke its harmful. the only time that you can use marijuana without it being in any way harmful is with a humidifier. second only weak people smoke anything. The only reasons you would have for doing this are (a) youre a pussy and cant handle physical pain (b) youre a pussy and cant handle stress or emotional pain or (c) youre a pussy and actually rhink its cool to put harmful chemicals in your body because everyone else is doing it.
User avatar #760 to #693 - Alicegotchained
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(08/27/2011) [-]
Why deal with pain when you can do away with it, and have some fun at the same time?
User avatar #734 to #693 - jessewright
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(08/27/2011) [-]
try going through cancer or having ms are those people pussies cause the pain is so bad that they cant ******* move. and acutally no just cause it is smoke doesnt mean it causes cancer the main reasons cigs do that is because of all the **** that is put in them like rat poisons and other poisons.
try acutally going through some of the pain people have to endure.
oh btw they did a study and smoking weed acutally helped people with alzheimer's it improved their memory by about 36% compared to the group control group.
so try getting some ******* facts before you bash on people