A bunch of Favourites. OC on the comp, the pictures themselves are not except for me dressed as a duck.. A CTO) BY DR] -JIGABOOS WELL A FA)' -DABBY- L Ali . Mas
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A bunch of Favourites

OC on the comp, the pictures themselves are not except for me dressed as a duck.

L Ali . Masterzii 1
Just look at this
************* Godly fight,
even Chuck Norris himself
i would pull up a chair to see
this, imagine the ferocity o
a powerhouse allien with
acidic blood and a spear-
like tail fighting a
regenerating badass such
as masterchief
2. Be g an awesome germ:
Look anthis right now, the vases are if you want to have you child grow
up like a pussy and no is saying, "moi" I do not want my child to grow up
to be bitchy little **** and i want it to grow up to be a real manly man if
you ad here to all these rules you child will be amazing awesome, or be
really ****** up, it' s about a so/ so so i say go for itl,
by BBE,
3. The cookie monster
Look what the world has done, cookie monster is sick to his
stomach of all of you **** like raison cookies; he goes in for a delicious
chocolatey cookie and ends up with a mouth full of pru rabbit **** Now he' s
back and he' s brought some ******* backup, anyone offer this mote a raisin
cookie if gonna sorry thatcher didn' t bring him a delicious cockily snack
4. The Nazis
See? Even if youre a ************* Force of evil led by a man with
only a single testicle you still need to take a break and look anthem
doing it, they may murder you in horrific torture but doit say these
guys arent fun
5. Harm Potter
Well by the looks of
this this is what would
have happened ifthey
had discovered pot or
something, Neville' s
had some serious
munchies, and Ron
seems to have rubbed
ketchup on himself,
The restoast seem to
have zoned out are are
2 probably thinking
theyre in the land of
******* Narnia or the
Vina: Now cum
in an Open with 2
Jun: 5 Inns
on or are warm
an Open . win.
6. Fa}; Farkington
Ladies, look man now at Pap Fappington, now back ardour man
now backto Pap , sadly he ism Pap Fappington and he never
will be, I mean look anthis sexy ************ , he is the kind of person
who' s swag is on 100% ofthe time and cait be turned off He lust need to
look and anything and they will have cu fit/ dick shattering orgasm right
there, he looks me or even and ******* squirrel and we wont be
able to help ourselves
7. Lobster Ra e Fist
Not mochte say, bestthe IS ******* /\
he Swa . a song
Well i am
lavish too
and the First
time read this
i laughed so
hard i went all
pretty much a
beast of a
song (best
thing was i
was at a
lavish camp
and we
always had
the pokemon
song singing, i
lust wish this
would have
played once
Error... that is just me in a duck costume
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Submitted: 08/24/2011
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User avatar #7 - LordZebedee ONLINE (08/24/2011) [-]
I thumbed for the duck costume! xD
#3 - anon (08/24/2011) [+] (1 reply)
The Harry Potter things from Shaun of the Dead, it's not just a random thing? Pretty well known tbh.
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