The A to Z of internet Memes, H to N. Hope you enjoyed part 2 part 1: Part 3: www. Asian Father Internet Husband jimmy mcmillan karate kyle ladies love moeg Net Noob
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The A to Z of internet Memes, H to N

Z or
By Lucylawrencee
H _ _ tat Asi Fatheru
igh Expectations Asian Father lg Kpe% ailens san a ers an
image macro series based on popular
stereotypes and cliches about Asian
moms and dads being some of the most
spartan parents in the world.
can in in 12-"
it 2
E” I ml w vim can an “nut to HENRI! run
Internet Husband
Internet Husband, also known as
Redditor' s Wife" or "Anon Wife", is
an image macro series featuring a
photo of a woman standing in a
doorway in pajamas, appearing
rather distraught, while her husband
is looking at a computer screen. The
text typically describes the woman' s
disappointment with her internet
addicted husband, and references
Internet culture .
The Rent is Too Damn High" is a political slogan
adopted by Jimmy McMillan, a New York City resident
and founder of the Rent is Too Damn High Party who
was running for New York' s state gubernatorial
election in November 2010.
I haven' t seen much of this meme on funnyjunk, but i
found it quite funny :)
m mm NEXT MM
rrh walt,
aunt Toma H! mm mu Por, nit I meum' T mania us my mum
18 mi SINL MISS " wan in Ill!!! my gums
Karate Kyle ', h V V a
Karate Kyle is an image
macro series similar to
Ven eunce Dad, where the
origianal photo is digitally unis "EB s! l I WE' RE It In MIN MI
composited with the FIMC". Ills Fls, Migit “ES.
subject Sheaf, blown up _ Blat
around him with the opacity
increased. The text generally , H
alludes to Karate Kyle ' t "r
having done some sort of try I _ a
disturbing or violent act in
Sill TIMI! WHITE " is
Ladies Love X" is an Image macro series based on the
adios Love phrasal template "l got that bitch (X), bitches love (X)," in
which X represents any object, place or entity that may be
deemed desirable by the aforementioned "bitches."
M V ll Obi d I
macro series based on a picture of a
girl with blatantly misinformed or
laughable statements about a well-
known artist or a song.
Net Noob, also known as "Lonely Computer Guy", is an image
N macro series featuring a man sitting at a laptop smiling with
clenched fists. The text depicts him as a naive Internet user
Noob reacting to famous videos, shock sites, ads and spam. Similar to
Technology impared Duck.
n' siilimies miimii: : umi' s. " r' tiimon
Hope you enjoyed the second part, more will
probably come soon "
i love to read comments, so leave some below - +
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