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Top 5 List of Awesome: Disney

TM’ 5 BE
hing louie: Haters hatter keel!
themselves in check, otherwise this
maio straight irom the east
side oi ) hitch stall
you hack to you came
mm. he wants to he like Man, and you
hatter give him what he wants otherwise
you gon' get got. Bitch, he' s the him!
Winnie the Pooh: This
talking hear lives By the motto, "ruck
hitches, get '' It hauhet' s in the
garden. guess who' s in his camel
stealing his honey? when Eeyore' s
haing a little hitch, guess who' s not
haing a hitch and eating honey. You' re
god damn right it' s Winnie the Pom!
Genie: /: s nummer one swinging
magical creature!! he hits the mun every
night, and hitches lust wanna get uh on
that! Mt when they wanna go hack to his
mace, no the!!! he lives in a melting
awesome lam, so there ain' t no way
them ladies gonna he staying the next
morning at his crah. he also has the voice
oi tucking noon: . he can grant
wishes too [no Big deal or anything].
Waller: how I know what you' re thinking:
What' s this Lovable scren oi metal doing
here?!" Well I' ll tell you, he' s haing
AWESOME! This machine is a regular
James Bond. he waded enemy territory,
defused the situation, got lat to
unit haing iat. lloll he got the girl.
l: Casanova here also
recycles. Bitches love recycling!!
hibiki: Everytime someone sees this guy.
he gives them the tucking answer to all
oi their problems. he' s a mandrill with
weird bruits to his badass stall
and enough voodoo magic to make
coming irom the clouds look like
shit!! he' s the mired to simba' s Batman
don' t act like mired isn' t cool] and he
gets shit done when the chills are down!!
Flick most !! you will
THUMB tail
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What the ****? WHERE'S HADES?!?!??!?!