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Top 5 List of Awesome: Gays

TM 5
irom and
Brit ' t lillie shit irom
Elli! Hill! Hittite ll
Mth H! VIII! [HEW what I MESH].
mar little: liven don' t know who
this badass mothermonster is, then
lion need to watah the no series The
Wire. This gnu melting rahs drnk
dealers with a sawed on shotgun and
lane Addams: how mien are
actually older than 12 [so 1/ 2 oi
then non have
heard oi this little lady.
what " she do non might ash?
well, nothing that Important,
Neil Patrick Harris: That' s melting right
ladies and gentlemen, Neil
Patrick Harris. This
legen_ wait tor it_ daria hro is
awesome. Enough said. Actor and lad!
killer heart mod, and he' s giving it all to
the leelas.
AS HIE Mill! ill
QUEEN, "WE STE tht " tht
HES! wan tta this man. HE' S
stylish and ll Will!!! Willi Till
at that . q HE' S ll Sill!
and WE STE ttwtt tta M
lla his .
Thumb III! and
make another Till!
POST " mts.
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