I HATE WORKING AT A CLOTHES SHOP. this is why i hate it. me, assisting customers at retail job suddenly a distraught lady stomps up to me This shirt is a small  comic rage rage comic the game


this is why i hate it

me, assisting customers
at retail job
suddenly a distraught
lady stomps up to me
This shirt is a small and I
need a medium. If you did your
job instead of standing around
being lazy and stacked the
shirts I wouldn' t have had to
tell you what size I needed so
you could get it for me. The
point of putting the shirts
out is so that people don' t
have to ask for them. Get me a
words of
I' m sorry ma' am, unfortunately
what we have out is all that' s
left of that design.
That' s ******* ridiculous! If you
don' t have all the sizes you shouldn' t
put the shirt out! I' m leaving!
We have plenty of that shirt in the
back but I don' t take orders from
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Submitted: 08/22/2011
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User avatar #4 - nickyrod (08/23/2011) [+] (1 reply)
man this is nothing compared to the food industry i worked at a fast food place for two years people just treat you like **** for no reason. They think since we cant talk back they can treat you like **** but ill tell you something never **** with the people that feed you.
#7 - Jameshaich (08/23/2011) [-]
Bitch comes up to me (I work in a cafe)
"Emm Yeah, I'll take a big breakfast"
"It's half 12... breakfasts go off at 12"
"WELL! You could've made it more clear. I want to speak to your manager about this..."
"No need, see the big sign on the door that says 'breakfasts 7-12' That should answer your questions"
"It's not clear enough. I'll report you for backtalk!"
User avatar #10 - sweetapril (08/23/2011) [-]
I bow down to your username.
User avatar #3 - MakiChan (08/23/2011) [-]
retail sucks in general........but i do that too, if youre going to be a bitch or a ass to me for no reason then im not going to get it for you......ive been yelled at for having the wrong shade of blue on a cake and she wanted it free. thing is she pointed to the blue she wanted when we took the order.....or the biggest cake we have 100 bucks or s and they wanted their money back becasue they wanted yellow and they got marble and none of the kids wanted to eat it.......it was a fat black women and most the cake was gone and we found the order and it was marble..... ****** wanted a free cake, told her we dont do refunds lol.
User avatar #6 - TheNewRavager (08/23/2011) [-]
I ******* hate people like that. It's assholes like her that make this world horrible.
What I would've done:
Thinking to myself,"Hmm, they don't have the shirt in the size I want. I'll just ask if they have any in the back."
Walk up to store associate.
"Excuse me, do you have this shirt in a *whatever* size?"

BAM!! I'm done and I wasn't an asshole about it.

People seem to forget that there are other people who buy things at a store too.
User avatar #2 - oxan (08/23/2011) [-]
Working at EB Games, when a customer asks for a Puzzle Style DS game. Like clues and **** . Had a little think and told her, "sorry, none really come to mind."

And she replies with, "well, obviously you're not very good at your job."


Leave her to wrap up a $550 Xbox 360 deal.
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