Best day of my life.. This is all OC sept the bewb pics at the end. Please spare a thumb to add onto the amazing day. Se heres the story, My 2 friends and I wen best day of my Life Awesome six Flags fun
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Best day of my life.

This is all OC sept the bewb pics at the end. Please spare a thumb to add onto the amazing day

Se heres the story, My 2 friends and I went eater
six flags and decided have the best day
ever. Cine of my friends, named Darnel, was
meaing Florida and the other, Ryan, was
tagging along, What we did was smoked up a let
of Afgan Kush and immediatly went inte the
park. I dent know haw the **** we get by
eberyone with our eyes as red as the devils dick
and all of us acting like dumbasses, but
anyways. We rede a bunch tof rides, which were
awesome I cried cause of haw awesome they
were. But when we were walking around we
went en inte the hall injustice where I thaught
we had met the actual Batman and whoever the
hell this ether bitch was, And heres the deal,
when blazed I want hit on emery chick and
I get mad , Se I teld Darnel take
a pic of me and her. Batman preceeded be an
asshole andjust in on the pic. I told him
**** off and he said he has be in the pic. Se I
put my left arm ever the chick super heres back
and pushed Batman. He grabbed my arm and
called security. We were kindly escorted eut
and our season passes were revoked,
We are new banned from the park far the next
5 years. But it was worth it and it was the best
day of my lifts:)
Heres seme bewbs ofthe story and pic wasnt
geed enaugh far yeu people whe far
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Submitted: 08/21/2011
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#1 - yarolord (08/21/2011) [-]
tl;dr? Here's a resume:

> I went to Six Flags, met Batman and his bitch
> I asked my friend to take a picture of us (the bitch and me)
> Batman jumped in, I said no
> He was a dick and called security
> We're banned of Six Flags for the next 5 years
> Totally worth it
User avatar #2 - Squirrelfighter (08/21/2011) [-]
******* kidding me? That other bitch? Thats ******* Hawk Girl, ******* important hero. What the **** noob.
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