Time Travel. I guess time travel really is possible... ATTENTION: TUNE’ -HT I WILL ATTEMPT TD TRAVEL BACK IN TIME AND CHANGE W. youu.. KNOW I' SUCCEEDED IF GERM time travel trolling
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#3 - quintezkiller
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(08/20/2011) [-]
time travel to the future is possible. you can slow down time for yourself, causing the time for everyone and everything else to go the normal speed, putting you in the future. but there is no way to go back in time
User avatar #4 - daretodo
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(08/20/2011) [-]
but, it happened so why would you get the idea now if it has already happened?
User avatar #2 - blinkoneeightytwo
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(08/20/2011) [-]
Oh its ok, repost this for the 90th time its ok.
User avatar #1 - theaceface
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(08/20/2011) [-]
**theaceface rolls 09**
#5 - mutley
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(08/20/2011) [-]
You will know if he has succeeded if this is ********************
You will know if he has succeeded if this is ********************