Learning time with Oobathorker!. This is a new idea, maybe we'll learn all sorts of things together Thanks for viewing Please leave a comment if you want MOAR!. no troll science
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Learning time with Oobathorker!

This is a new idea, maybe we'll learn all sorts of things together
Thanks for viewing
Please leave a comment if you want MOAR!

Guess what funnyjunk, going to
make you ( you skip)
Today we' re going to talk
about something called, "The
theory of everything, or TOE
for short!
Lats start with a chart,
shall we?
At first it starts with these little
******* right here, Magnetism, and
Electricity, if you havent been living
under a rock, you should know about these
Electricity q
Meat we move on into "Weak interaction" and "Electromagnetism"
Electromagnetism is made up of Electricity And magnetism to
create what we know as, Electromagnetism.
Weak interaction [otherwise known as weak nuclear one
of the four fundemental forces of nature, alongside the strong
nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravity. It is responsible
for the radioactive decay of subatomic particles and initiates
the process known as hydrogen fusion in stars. Weak
interactions affect all known fermions; that ls, particles
whose spin (a property of all particles} ls a .
and now if we continued on this, we would be getting into
Particle Physics"
eak interaction {SUE
Electromagnetism ()
And "Weak interaction" and "Electromagnetism" make a
force called "Electrode's Interaction" which basically
is the unified description of two of the four known
fundamental interactions of nature.
Still awake? good, cause we
still have a lot more to talk
Meat when Electrode's interaction
mixes with a force called "Strong
interaction" we get a new force
called "Electro nuclear force" thats
right, this ***** gettin nuclear!
This is some of the stuff put in those
Nuclear reactors that Erupted from
Japan, and this is also the stuff that
makes all those science fiction storys
about people bieng affected by
radiation growing tentacles or new
arms! [*note this does not happen!)
sarting Electrode's
ele q q
q interaction
Dont worry, we' re coming to an
Mow when our newest force
meets up with a
force called , they make
up a force, or theory; called "The
Theory Of Everything"
And now you learned something about quantum
physics, if you want to learn more go search
up particle physics or string theory; that
will help you learn more, or unless you want
me to write another one of these, then leave
a comment saying MDAE!
thanks for viewing, please leave a comment
and enjoy!
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