heres a comp. I was going to make a google thing but not much was funny then I was going to make a omegle one then that didnt work (I just got a bunch of go kil
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heres a comp

I was going to make a google thing but not much was funny
then I was going to make a omegle one then that didnt work (I just got a bunch of go kill yourself faggot and things like that so I put then together and along with some other funny pictures here is a comp hope you enjoy

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Lisa airmen. 23, a resident or an mega, was
visiting Mr inclass, Ind while there wen lo I may
supermarkt to pick up mine theries, several people
noticed the windows
anti with no eyes closed, with both hard: behind the
He housed not Lisa was were new open and she
looked my strange He asked her Vs): was okay, aild
Lisa issued indie our chit: lied
inn. called the paramedics, who moire mo the ear
Maw: the doors wem locked and Lisa refused to
lemme mums tron an head. many got
back or her head... A Pillsbury bison canister had
do an the may and may it its : She
initially ousted out but quickly magi in
hold salmon: named
flagget. In will 1 r '
MI. one
Messages Gwyn
interesting last: sometimes you
dream about whatever was
most important to you that
AWN, many? Cause I 110100."
Amt each and every lime. I and
up killing you.
GED. corna
rau' now two strangers discuss
QUEEN to discuss:
make as funny story taxing turns only saying one word at a one
Stranger 2: the
stranger 1: end
starngers: damn we' regualr this one is
Stranger 2: YES mine
stranger 1: the have taught he well
stranger 1: the art of trolling
Stranger , has
ream_ itit
Goog e
New Zealand
why does l
why does love do this to me
why does it rain
why does my eye twitch
why does love do this to me lyrics
why does hot air rise
why does love do this to me chords
why does my mom turn me on
why does the earth have seasons
why does the earth spin
why does the wind blow
I' m Feelng Lucky
made these o o e
ones to
New Zealand
i do midgets
do midgets have night vision
do midgets have normal sized genitalia
do midgets have souls
do midgets have night vision wikipedia
do midgets have super powers
do midgets have midget children
do midgets have normal sized wieners
do midgets get drunk faster
do midgets bite
do midgets die early
Gnome Search I' m Feeling Lucky
I natal attr “III”
You asked me . T. g
I said nothing
but as I turned around...
I whispered.. everything
people change
low. I lama
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Submitted: 08/18/2011
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User avatar #6 - squeaky (08/19/2011) [-]
That maeks me think... do midgets have tiny genitals?
User avatar #5 - chuckbob (08/19/2011) [-]
I loved the biscuit one.
#4 - dorberg (08/19/2011) [-]
lmao when would people think midget have night vision
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