How to pick up girls. . later, at a party me thinking up good pick up lines Dude, like, there this het girl.. you have to cheek AEI eut dang Hay have you been r pick up girls taygah llort
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#3 - sparklerawr
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User avatar #4 - orangepikmin
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Hey taygah. orangepikmin here. I just wanted to say that this was pretty darn funny. Pretty darn. It's been about 2+ years and your content hasn't really been recognized for its humor. I think that we can change that.

Here's a proposition I have for you: Do you mind that I take this idea, add a little more development to it, and make a kinda-OC outta this? I will accredit you with the idea, of course.

Would you be willing to make that kind of deal? If not, then that's ok.
#2 - herpdizzle
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(08/18/2011) [-]
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