This is the future generation. if you think this is a repost that's cause this is the 2nd time i upload this. Melanie Not to be mean but I wouid ieye to knew wh Stupid People i dont want to Live on this planet Anymore
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This is the future generation

if you think this is a repost that's cause this is the 2nd time i upload this

Not to be mean but I wouid ieye to knew why peeple think Steven Hawking
is Se Smart. I since nething BEE en him werks preparin, they' d figure at
least his brain wouid.
E. minut
ES. age . Like . Comment
and 4 ethers like this,
S key scientific werks to date haye included
presiding, with ) ger F' enrage, theorems regarding gravitational
singularities in the ) c) f general relativity, and the theoretical
prediction that black Sheeit emit radiation, which is taday
knern ; Hawking radiation (er sometimes ;
22 minutes age ' Like ' ch I persin
Kevin_ and that has significance to human life
himt,,,?? NOBODY CARES.
E minutes age ' Like
Kevin _ELEI% c) f all human beings will NEVER e'en
hear c) f whatever it is u just mentioned in that cemment Se
therefore, it Series c) f ZERO importance or LEE) to the human race.
instead c) f spending federal funding out trying to find a needle in a
haystack, why dent these Se called "smart" peeple like hawking try
to fix the econemy with all their mathematics and put that
intelligence to good LEE) instead c) f playin around with telescopes,
ugh. disgusts me,
7 minutes age ' Like ' I persin
s; a reasen it' s simply "theoretical," I can
develop theories w my ewn, ' t make me a genius,
6 minutes age ' Like ' eh I persin
Kevin _thank u melanie. ; far ; i, and i beileve i
can speak fer the majority c) f Americans, am cc) ,, ) c) f
that Space garbage will ayer matter to LEE) the earth is NOT
geing to run out c) f natural resources, we are NOT (experiencing
global warming," and id like to kick stephen hawkings flickin
wheelchair dyer and See hew smart he Wai; abaut that. lei
abaut a minute age ' Like
Kevin _weii i mean, i can sit there and cemo up
with ways to energy and theories abaut hew stars are
bern, hte, and die and became Samething (else and all this hooplah
abaut Space ******** that desent matter. i can also cemo up with
ways to fix eur econemy, or at least start in that direction ya
knew... but WEISS that make me a werld leading politician or
E) CC) ) mist?? hell . it makes me a man with commen SENSE,
Samething eur government desent knew the meaning cf
3 minutes age ' Like
3 minutes age ' Like
I enjee when yeu' re en a rant, it puts a smile en
my face fyc) ear to ear. But yeu' re 100% right, Swear to it. I feel
the Same way.
abaut a minute age ' Like
Kevin _thank you melanie. glad to knew at least
ene ether persin besides myself has COMMON SENSE. lei © katie.
abaut a minute age ' Like
i’ - I' d rather haye commen SENSE dyer beek smarts
any day, it' s mere crucial to life matters,
abaut a minute age ' Like
Kevin_ ecactly. like, i kid u net, i cpuid hte my
entire life and NEVER knew what quantum mechanics, or string
theere, ******* " singularities in the ) general
relativity, and the theoretical prediction that black Sheeit emit
radiation" is and id be MUCH better eff than these crazy 355 Scientisi
whe haye CIC) life to begin with. i mean cem' en, HES IN A *******
WHEELER/ URL. l. e'en if the werld starts to end and there is a way tr
survive it, HE SURE AS HELL WOULDNT BE ABLE Toll. DAMN, can i
get a "BOOM ROASTED" melanie?? lei
a few Decends age ' Like
i’ - It Series CIC) purpose to the significance c) f eyery
day life. And abaut his entire "" thing: were bern, we hte, and
we' ll whenever it' s time, there' S CIC) we trying to predict it either.
A let c) f things emit radiation, tanning beds, micra) , etc. I feel
bad when I make mp c) f his illness or whatever but it' s the truth, I
haye cc) spastic) n fer that part but eberyone acts like he' s high and
mighty, I m beileve a pertian w it is a pity party. And, I den' t e'en
knew what that means but yeu' re legit Se I' ll humer ya! "BOOM
btw. I get all exited and typed.
2 Decends age ' Like
Kevin_ its like what new in terms hahaha.
and you cerldnt haye said that any better mel, i will ievye it be new.
abaut a minute age ' Like
Melanie's like it, it' s pretty Swanky ifi m Say Se myself, I
think we haye made eur paint rather nicely.
Melanie - Can I get a yeehaw?!
a few Decends age ' Like
2 Decends age ' Like
Kevin_ and melanie, btw, dent Say "net to be
mean" u definitely had the intentions c) f being mean! imae
2 Decends age ' Like
Melanie-' Lmfao, I knew, right? You knew me Se well.
2 Decends age ' Like
Kevin_ what can i Say, "great minds think alike" lei.
take that stephen hawking!! BOOM . l. lei
abaut a minute age ' Like
i’ - Hahahahaha!
in Decends age ' Like
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#2 - rototornik (08/17/2011) [-]
they shall be purged by the holy inquisition!
#8 - wexford (08/17/2011) [-]
<---my face almost the whole time
User avatar #6 - curtdogg (08/17/2011) [-]
Some people should just be taken out of their homes and executed! That kind of backwards thinking does absolutely no good, they might as well be in the dark ages! If they're willing to ignore decades of major scientific breakthroughs then we should be able to ignore any significance they have in this world and should be able to wipe them off the face of this planet!
#3 - thalone (08/17/2011) [+] (1 reply)
this was actually just annoying to read..
User avatar #1 - thehighwayman (08/17/2011) [-]
what ever happened to intelligence? it all seemed to have dried up somewhere
#11 - whitestkiduknow **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #5 - redneckhokage (08/17/2011) [+] (1 reply)
im 20,i studied and exceeded in science class throughout school, and i completely agree with them, on top of that hawkings face just pisses me and i want to punch him
User avatar #10 to #5 - notandi (08/17/2011) [-]
I was not surprised at all by your comment after I saw your avatar and username.
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