Amidoingitrite?. I thinkI'm doing itrite. Ytou' rait now chatting with a Random stranger. say hi! Stranger: i like the Beatles ts tilt! - Stranger: the Beatles  or is it left
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I thinkI'm doing itrite

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Ytou' rait now chatting with a Random stranger. say hi! Stranger: i like the Beatles
ts tilt! - Stranger: the Beatles is my hobby
Doctor, are you sure this will world? Stranger: and playing guitar
Yau: No. Stranger: and writing
stranger; yes Yau: Good, I we the beatles l) Hey jude and black bird are my favorite songs
stranger; **** you Yau: Indeed, I also we to play guitar, write. Act and sing "
Yau: Ever wonder about the people behind these questions? Stranger: my favorite is "Happiness is a Warm Gun"
stranger; t just started getting into it Yau: Very good song as well! But hey, its the beatles. You cant go wrung.
Yau: Very interesting Cho Stranger: true
Stranger: but, yes, i have You: Every Song for EVEN mood.
Yau: Enlighten me, what do you think Yau: You enter wonder how they originally got tegether'?
Stranger: We no opinion of them. they are simply people looking to be amused, and i think we can all relate Stranger: no, t found out on wikipedia
stranger; isn' t that why warte heres Yau: Oh, so you DI) it at me point lul- How did they do it'?
stranger; hem: Stranger: i' m not sure, but it was under typical circumstances
Yau: Relate t can, but sometimes they want teh cybers Stranger: musicians meeting other musicians and then joining forces
Yau: God, those the teh worst Yau: Under typical circumstances'? I guess just were and meet up lul
Stranger: well, that' s what some are here for Stranger: somehitng like that t suppose
Stranger: if they find what they are looking for, good for them Stranger: how they met is not an interesting story though
Yau: Oh well, thats pretty open minded of ttwtt Yau: Understandable, but how they affected the world surely is-
Yau: Never thoughti hear a persun feel that way about it Stranger: indeed
stranger; they don' t bother he t gem want to cyber, so t disconnect Yau: Powerful stuff they wrote. em, read the first letter of each of my sentences.
Yau: Namely, all the time. Since most of them are up now (double entendre) or the bots. Stranger: , hold on
Yau: Anyway, waht do you like to do other then talk to strangers on the interwebs'? Stranger: haha
Stranger: i like the Beatles Stranger: rick my
Stranger: the Beatles is my hobby Yau: Rick rolled l)
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Submitted: 08/17/2011
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